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06/29/2022 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 8th Okada Purifying Therapy Efficacy and Safety Survey: Domestic Results
06/08/2022 Family Recipes Crispy Grilled Horse Mackerel Wrapped with Shiso with Tofu Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce
05/17/2022 Family Recipes Japanese-style Marinade with Kinoko Mushrooms and Chirimenjako (Dried Young Sardine)
05/13/2022 Topics Lecture by President Hashimoto of the Japan Organic Flower Association
05/10/2022 Family Recipes Soy and Tuna Dipping Sauce with vegetables
04/21/2022 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 7th Domestic Preliminary Survey on the Efficacy and Safety of Okada Purifying Therapy
04/20/2022 Topics 2022 Entrance Ceremony at the Nature Farming Method College
04/18/2022 Topics Future Medical and Community Development Symposium Opening ~ Nara
04/15/2022 Family Recipes Stir-Fried Crispy Cabbage and Pork Belly with Miso
04/11/2022 Topics Lecture by President Suzuki of MOA Health Science Foundation-Shizuoka
03/22/2022 Topics Masterpiece exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the opening of the MOA Museum of Art
03/16/2022 Topics Learning “Green Strategy” ─ Nature Farming Method Executive Workshop
03/15/2022 Family Recipes Strawberry Trifle
03/04/2022 Topics 165,000 items at the MOA Museum of Art National Children’s Art Exhibition
03/02/2022 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 6th Effect of organic and nature farming methods on humans
02/18/2022 Topics Published MOA Health Science Foundation Research Report No. 25
02/14/2022 Topics Members of the Diet inspects a civic farm that the government and MOA are working on
02/07/2022 Topics MOA officials present their research—Japan Society for Integrated Medicine
01/25/2022 Topics Japan Society for Organic Agriculture ─ Highly interested in “agricultural and medical cooperation”
01/19/2022 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 5th Impact of organic and Nature Farming on crop components and animals
01/13/2022 Family Recipes Japanese-style Stew with Chinese Cabbage, Scallop and Soy Milk
12/25/2021 Leader's Voice Dialogue of Director Susumu Shimazono, Sophia University Grief Care Research Institute and President Kiyoshi Suzuki, General Incorporated Association, MOA Health Science Foundation
12/25/2021 Leader's Voice Professor Shinzo Kato, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Keio University
12/22/2021 Leader's Voice Professor Emeritus Etsuko Fukushiyama, Kagoshima Women’s Junior College
12/16/2021 Topics Held a community enrichment symposium in Niigata
12/06/2021 Family Recipes Datemaki that brings out the deliciousness of the slightly sweet egg
12/01/2021 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 4th Organic Farming and MOA Nature Farming Method and their Crop Characteristics
10/14/2021 Topics Community enrichment symposium in Chiba
09/22/2021 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 3th Soil of Organic Farming and Nature Farming Method are Full of Vitality
08/05/2021 Topics Paintings of encouragement were sent from an elementary school in Argentina to the victims of the Atami debris flow disaster.
08/05/2021 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 2nd Effectiveness and Safety of the Okada Purifying Therapy
07/09/2021 What's new Update on the Landslide Disaster in the Izusan area of Atami City (as of July 9, 2021)
07/08/2021 The Science behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program The 1st Why is it Necessary to have Scientific Aspects?
06/02/2021 Topics Hiroshige Exhibition from the MOA Museum of Art at the Nokogiriyama Museum of Art in Chiba Prefecture
05/19/2021 Topics Comparative study of the effects of flowers on the mind and body
03/18/2021 Topics MOA Health Science Foundation Collection of Research Report No.24 published
03/05/2021 Topics Presented the Okada Health and Wellness Program at The Society for Integrative Medicine Japan Convention
10/01/2020 Family Recipes Sweet Potato Pudding that Is Easy to Make with a Frying Pan
10/01/2020 Family Recipes Intense! Autumn Udon with Plenty of Ginger
10/01/2020 Family Recipes Sweet and Salty Sauce with Salmon and Autumn Vegetables
07/10/2020 Topics Unique images and works raised interest in art
07/01/2020 Family Recipes Delicious when poured on! Ginger Flavored [Dashi]
07/01/2020 Family Recipes Refreshing, Deep Fried Sardines and Summer Vegetables in Japanese Broth
07/01/2020 Family Recipes Mild Pork Shabu Somen with Cold Soymilk
04/01/2020 Family Recipes Fluffy Spring Okowa with Bitter Flavored Ingredients Using the Microwave
04/01/2020 Family Recipes Spring Brown Rice Flour Pizza with Young Sardines and Arugula
04/01/2020 Family Recipes Refreshing Plum Mixture with Bonito and Avocado
04/01/2020 Leader's Voice Shin-Ichi Nitta, Honorary President of the Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine
02/20/2020 Topics Medical Director Kiyoshi Suzuki Introduces Mutual-Help
02/16/2020 Topics Confirm the power of the Okada Health and Wellness Program as a Health Method to shine life
01/01/2020 Family Recipes Soft, Low-Salt Chicken Wings Cooked in Black Vinegar
01/01/2020 Family Recipes Spinach and Chikuwa [tube shape fish cake] Scented Dish with Sesame Sauce
01/01/2020 Family Recipes Vinegar Soaked Horse Mackerel Temari Sushi [hand rolled sushi]
12/07/2019 Topics MOA practice and research presentations attract attention
11/30/2019 Topics Hospitality from the Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation Kumamoto Branch
11/10/2019 Topics Confirm the importance of spiritual care
10/01/2019 Leader's Voice Physician / Advanced Professional Vegetable Sommelier Megumi Miyata
10/01/2019 Family Recipes Double Layered Texture, Rice Flour Grape Clafoutis
10/01/2019 Family Recipes Crunchy and Delicious Salted Fried Chicken Made with Rice Flour
10/01/2019 Family Recipes Rice Flour Houtou with Plenty of Seasonal Vegetables
09/16/2019 Topics Thinking about the social value of agriculture — with the theme of “Fukushima model that connects bonds”
07/01/2019 Leader's Voice Taisyu Kawano, Deputy Director of RESM Shin-Yokohama Sleep and Breathing Medical Care Clinic
07/01/2019 Family Recipes Refreshing Scent, Boiled Dumplings Made from Plum Leaves
07/01/2019 Family Recipes A Taste so Addicting! A Specialty from Republic of Turkey, a Mackerel Sandwich
07/01/2019 Family Recipes Colorful, Bright, and Gisei Tofu
05/30/2019 Topics Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh His Royal Highness signed a letter of appreciation for MOA support
07/01/2016 Leader's Voice Toshinori Ito, Specially Appointed Professor of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
10/01/2014 Leader's Voice Kazumi Murose, holder of the important intangible cultural property “Makie (lacquer art)”