Family Recipes

The Japanese diet is said to be excellent in nutritional balance. Its basis is ichiju-sansai [one soup, three dishes]. It is popular even in countries outside of Japan for “health,” “good for the body,” and “beautiful serving,” etc. However, do we Japanese cook and consume Japanese food every day? We may be aware of its positive effects; however, the reality is difficult.
Here, we will introduce Family Recipes based on the Dietary Program, which is fun to cook and eat and includes simple ideas for cooking.

MOA Natural Products is used mainly as ingredients and condiments. Rie Kanamaru is a researcher for Family Recipes and said, “Although the same amount is used compared to other condiments and/or ingredients, the MOA products improved one to two ranks of deliciousness.”

Safe, secure, fun, delicious and be well! Due to the pandemic, people are aware of the significance of raising their immune system. Why not begin improving your daily food consumption to bring about peaceful living.

Rie KanamaruRie Kanamaru
Researcher for Ouchi Gohan (home cooked meals); Certified counseling license from a research group on Molecular Nutritional Science; Intermediate-level Eating Habits Advisor certification from FLA Network Association; Chinese medical cooking basic-level practitioner certification from the International Chinese Cooking Academic Society; Spice coordinator master certified by SCA; Develops various menus used in the food industry; holds various food events; writes a column on special education on nutrition to prevent metabolic syndrome; holds online cooking classes; lectures on dietary education; offers counseling on healthy meals to lose weight; and she promotes simple, delicious and healthy home cooking based on the motto of “have fun cooking and eating” and “the most delicious foods are meals at home.”