2023 Nature Farming College Graduation Ceremony


Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Wanting to contribute to society through Nature Farming

On March 12, the 2023 graduation ceremony of the Agriculture, Environment and Health Research Institute Nature Farming College was held at the MOA Ohito Training Center in Ohito Zuisenkyô. Four graduates, who completed the Agricultural Technology Course and the Basic Technology Course, received their diplomas from Principal Yoshifumi Tasaka and graduated with the aim of becoming agricultural experts who will spread and expand the MOA Nature Farming Method.



At the ceremony, Akihisa Iwamoto, Representative Director of the same research institute, spoke about his daily life facing the soil and crops amid the social demand for Nature Farming and organic farming, such as the establishment of the Green Food System Strategy Act, and the students’ experiences in Kagoshima where he announced the Organic Village and that attending the symposium on organic farming will be a great source of inspiration for the graduates. He shared his great expectations from the graduates.


Mr. Kohei Nakajima, president of MOA International, who attended as a guest, encouraged the graduates by saying that the late Mr. Kazuo Suga, who was a great veteran of Nature Farming and had devoted himself to training the next generation, must be sending cheers from heaven to the graduates. He emphasized that the causes of crisis situations such as climate change, infectious diseases and wars lie in the minds and actions of humans, and that the key to solving them is to evoke an altruistic heart from humans. He expected such work in the field of agriculture from the graduates.



Mr. Teruaki Higashihara, who completed the farming technology course, gave a reply on behalf of the graduates. He looked back on the hardships he had when he was entrusted with agricultural training and agricultural product sales. He is grateful for the teachers and staff who gave him advice from time to time, and for the existence of his friends who supported each other. Based on the experience he gained at the school, he pledged to make efforts to spread and expand the Nature Farming Method.


All graduates acquired certification as a Nature Farming Method extension worker certified by the MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation, and they will all work for the organization. They will be engaging in the spread of the Nature Farming Method, and deepen their learning of Nature Farming and organic farming. Some graduates will go on their own paths, such as attending seminars in Minami-Satsuma City, which promotes organic villages. They pledged to contribute to society through Nature Farming.