About MOA International

MOA International is an organization based on the Health Association established by Mokichi Okada (1) in 1936 to realize a new civilization for people worldwide to enjoy eternal peace, prosperity and happiness.
A new civilization means a civilization of the union of east and west, religion and science and spirituality and materialists. Okada also called it “a world of beauty.”
When viewing the world, it consists of individuals and families. Okada proposed by begin with building “families filled with beauty” a family whose heart, words used and actions are beautiful and by eradicating illnesses, poverty and conflicts. To achieve that goal, he established the Okada Health and Wellness Program as concrete actions to tackle the fields of medicine, agriculture and art as the primary fields necessary in man’s life.
In 1980, MOA International was inaugurated in Washington, D.C., the capital of the USA.(2)
In 2009, MOA International became a General Incorporated Association. MOA International’s aim is to create “a world of beauty” filled with “families filled with beauty” by working with various MOA groups and leaders in the fields of medicine, agriculture and art while advancing “a brighter life for beautiful individuals, families, communities and the world.”

  • (1) Mokichi Okada (1882-1955)
  • (2) MOA is an abbreviation for Mokichi Okada Cultural Services Association