Held a community enrichment symposium in Niigata


Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Many participants have said, “I want to receive the Okada Health and Wellness Program.”

On November 14, the “Future Medical Care and Community Enrichment Symposium in Niigata” was held at the Niigata Nippo Media Ship Dining Hall. About 100 people participated, including government officials, educators, and citizens. In addition, a total of 170 people participated at four remote venues in the prefecture, and a YouTube live showing was held.



Following a greeting by Hideyo Hanazumi, the governor of Niigata Prefecture, Kiyoshi Suzuki, President of MOA Health and Science Foundation and director of the Society for Integrative Medicine Japan, gave a lecture on the post-COVID-19 medical care and community enrichment planning. He introduced the research results that explained the importance of building a community that promotes self-help and mutual health promotion to maintain health by oneself. He also shared about the MOA activities in line with the idea of integrative medicine, and the effectiveness of the Nature Farming method and the Okada Health and Wellness Program.




Then, a symposium was held with Mr. Osamu Yamazaki, the director of the Kashiwazaki Community Development Bureau, Niigata Prefecture, acting as the emcee. The symposium consisted of the following people—Kazuya Itagaki, Chairman of the Niigata Prefecture MOA Nature Farming Method Dissemination Society Association; Yuko Watanabe, MOA Healthy Food Education Instructor and housewife; Naoko Kobayashi, former teacher of Ryotsu Elementary School in Sado City (video appearance); Kazutaka Tainaka, Professor of Brain Research Institute, University of Niigata; and President Suzuki.


Chairman Itagaki introduced his activities while working at Sanjo City Hall in the past, like practicing the Nature Farming method and how he was able to introduce organic farming rice to school lunches. Today, after his retirement from City Hall, he is working with the government to redevelop depopulated areas with organic farming. Reiko Saito, Assistant Manager, Agricultural Promotion Department, Niigata Community Development Bureau, explained the ridge cultivation method as a weed control measure and the results (video appearance).


After her atopic dermatitis improved with a natural food diet, Mrs. Watanabe and began to practice the Nature Farming method at home with her husband. Not only did the garden help her grandchildren’s dietary education, but she also ships vegetables and spreads the circle of joy to the community. She also shared that this activity of growing vegetables is creating a community of young mothers.


Former teacher Kobayashi introduced that as a learning volunteer, she attended a painting instruction class for elementary school students. She worked to make children enjoy expression even in the spread of the COVID-19 virus. She also had those students submit their paintings to the MOA Museum of Art Children’s Artwork Exhibition. Thus, she attempted to have many students see the paintings and get to know the flowers displayed in the elementary school to enhance their sensibility and motivation. She hopes such activities will lead to their joy of expression.


Professor Tainaka introduced the research to analyze the functions of nerves and immunity, such as visualizing the functions of cranial nerves. He explained that an intervention method is required to prevent the disease by removing the slight inflammation that occurs before the onset of dementia and rheumatoid arthritis. He introduced research showing the effectiveness of Purifying Therapy, which has less adverse effects on the human body unlike surgery. He also shared places in Niigata prefecture where one can experience the Okada Health and Wellness Programs and the schedule of upcoming health seminars. Then, President Suzuki spoke and praised each presentation and recommended that the participants experience the Okada Health and Wellness Program, hoping for the realization of a healthy city.


The participants said, “The health seminars will be held locally, so I would like to participate and receive Purifying Therapy.” “I was familiar with the Nature Farming method, but I was able to learn about the various activities such as art and Purifying Therapy. I was able to learn more about the health promotion that MOA is aiming for.”



 At the venue, there was an exhibition of the Nature Farming method agricultural products, a video showing the children’s farming experience, a children’s artwork exhibition in the prefecture, and a panel exhibition introducing the activities of cooking classes, and the participants viewed the exhibition with interest.




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