Konbu dashi soy sauce is the secret ingredient for Japanese-style ajillo with bamboo shoots and shrimp


Konbu dashi soy sauce is the secret ingredient for Japanese-style ajillo with bamboo shoots and shrimp

    Ajillo is a traditional Spanish dish made with garlic and olive oil.

    If you use seasonal bamboo shoots and “Konbu dashi soy sauce” as a secret ingredient, it will be an arrangement of Japanese-style ajillo. Enjoy the dish fresh and hot.

Pointers from Rie

  • If you make it in a skillet (a small iron frying pan) and bring it to the table as it is, you can enjoy it sizzling hot.
  • If you use a small frying pan or a shallow pan, you can make it delicious even with a small amount of olive oil. Transfer it to a thick pottery so that it doesn’t get cold when you eat it.
  • The umami of the shrimp seeps into the oil, so you can eat it as is or put it on French bread.
  • Even if the remaining oil is soaked in bread or entwined with pasta.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Boiled bamboo shoots 200g
Peeled shrimp (thawed) 150g
  White wine
1/4 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Asparagus 2 spears
b)Kombu dashi soy sauce
  Olive oil
  Red hot pepper
1 tablespoon
1 or 2
1 or 2 cloves
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
Black pepper (optional) small amount


Nutritional value (per serving)

Energy 253kcal
Protein 9.3g
Fat 22.8g
Carbohydrates 4.5g
Salt equivalent 1.6g


  • Cut the bamboo shoots into bite-sized pieces. Slice the hard part of the root into 1 cm thick slices.
  • Wipe the water off the shrimp with kitchen paper, sprinkle with a) and rub in.
  • Peel off the root skin of the asparagus with a peeler. Cut into 3 cm pieces, boil briefly and cool with cold water.
  • Fold the red hot pepper in half and remove the seeds. Coarsely chop the garlic.
  • Put 1. and b) in a small frying pan and heat over medium heat.
  • Reduce the heat when small bubbles appear at the bottom of the pan. Cook in oil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally with chopsticks.
  • Reduce heat to medium and add 2. and 3. Cover and heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute until the shrimp is cooked through.
  • Turn off the heat and add lemon juice. Sprinkle with black pepper or serve with French bread if desired.

MOA natural foods used

Shrimp (frozen)/Umikko Salt/Konbu Dashi Soy Sauce/Organic Lemon Juice/Organic Black Pepper
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