Tasty Community Enrichment Symposium held in Chiba


Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture
Studied the “Strategy for a Sustainable Food System”

Organized by the MOA Dietary Education Network Chiba, etc., and co-sponsored by the MOA Natural Farming Culture FoundationMOA Natural Farming Culture Foundation Chiba Prefectural Federation, etc., the 2nd “Tasty Community Enrichment Symposium” was held in Chiba on August 28 in Morishia Tsudanuma. 115 citizens from the prefecture, including those who participated in the online event, studied about the “Strategy for a Sustainable Food System” promoted by the national government, and renewed their desire to create a healthy community through the spread of organic farming and the Nature Farming method.



Natsuto Sato, Director of the Agricultural Environment Policy Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, gave the keynote speech on “Strategy for a Sustainable Food System.” With the increase in natural disasters caused by global warming and damage to the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries worldwide, he shared the intent of expanding the organic agricultural land to 25% of the total agricultural land in order to reduce the environmental burden. He then gave a detailed explanation of the so-called “Sustainable Food System Law” that sets goals. It is not only producers, but also the construction of an efficient distribution cycle of production, distribution, and consumption; and he said that the local government has entered the work stage. Mr. Tomonori Hattori, Mayor of Yachiyo City, asked about the introduction of local vegetables and organic agricultural products for school lunches.



Subsequently, a panel discussion was held on Kisarazu and Tomisato’s community enrichment. Hiroki Nomura, manager of the Kisarazu City Organic Promotion Division, explained in detail the city’s establishment of an organic community enrichment ordinance and works to provide organic rice for school lunches at all elementary and junior high schools in the city. In anticipation of the enactment of the Sustainable Food System Law, he reported that he is aiming for an organic village declaration under the strong leadership of the mayor. Ms. Teruko Ishihara of the Kisarazu Healthy Community—an organization registered with the Citizens Activities Support Center, in the hope of creating healthy community enrichment and has activities on exercise, diet, and mindfulness—says that strengthening the cooperation with the city has allowed their activities to develop smoothly and reported on the current situation.


Mr. Yoshiaki Yamashita, a producer of the MOA Nature Farming Method Narita Promotion Association, held a blueberry picking experience and a natural cultivation experience class at the “Yamashita Nature Farm” to let consumers know the goodness of the Nature Farming method. He reported that through interaction with consumers, such as active participation, the number of people who understand the project has increased, and fans who help out with farm work have been born. Ms. Sueko Ichihara of the Tomisato City registered volunteer group “MOA Iki Iki Lively & Waku Waku Excitement Healthy Life Network Tomisato,” which conducts seminars on the Okada Health and Wellness Program, sales events of natural farming vegetables, harvest experience, and promotes natural foods that improved her daughter’s physical condition. She continues to hold food education seminars and miso-making seminars at the Yamashita Nature Farm so that many people can enjoy agricultural products full of vitality. She said that she would like to expand her activities with like-minded people and groups.


Audience members commented, “From the talk on the Sustainable Food System Law, I felt that we are going to realize sustainable agriculture, which was very encouraging.” Others said things like, “I was very impressed with the contents of the Symposium. I would like to begin from something I can do.”


Sponsored by: “Tasty Community Enrichment” Symposium in Chiba Executive Committee, MOA Dietary Education Network Chiba, Co-sponsored by Chiba Branch of the Association for Creating a Brighter Society, MOA Natural Farming Culture Foundation Chiba Association
Support: Chiba Prefecture, Narashino City, Kisarazu City, Tomisato City, Chiba City, Sakura City, Isumi City, Funabashi City, Ichikawa City, Yotsukaido City, Ichihara City, Oamishirasato City, Yachimata City, MOA Health Science Foundation