Tasty community enrichment symposium held ~ Chiba


Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture
Learn how to create a healthy mind and body community enrichment through food.

The “3rd tasty community enrichment Symposium in Chiba” was held on August 26th at the Narashino Civic Hall (Platz Narashino) in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture.



Approximately 250 people, including politicians, government officials, producers, and citizens, gathered on the day to express their gratitude for being kept alive through food, and to work together with producers, distributors, and consumers to reduce dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers by promoting organic farming. They learned about the relationship between Healthy Food Program and the ability to cope with stress, and shared their thoughts on creating healthy mind and body community enrichment through food.


On behalf of the organizers, Executive Committee Chairman Tsuneo Ishihara explained his wishes for holding the symposium. On behalf of the guests, Narashino Mayor Taisuke Miyamoto and House of Councilors member Shoichi Usui gave greetings, followed by a congratulatory telegram from Chiba Prefecture Governor Toshito Kumagai.


The first part was a keynote speech by Dr. Yasushi Kawano, chief priest of Rinkoji Temple of the Kenchoji School of Rinzai Buddhism, entitled “Creating a Rhythm of Gratitude Through Food: “Mindfulness Healthy Food Program.” He talked about how to apply the concept of mindfulness, which focuses on the here and now, into your meals, how mindfulness, which is about caring for yourself and others, can improve your lifestyle, and the importance of continuing to practice it every day.



In the second part, a panel discussion was held on the theme of “Let’s grow organic and Nature Farming Method, where delicious crops connect people with people!” Hiroko Suzuki, a member of the Chiba council, a former Fukushima Chuo TV announcer, served as the coordinator. During the discussion, producers presented examples of their works and their thoughts on organic and Nature Farming Method.



Koichi Tateishi of the MOA Nature Farming Method Chiba Central Promotion Association, reported about while reconsidering himself due to spread of the COVID-19 virus in 2020, started growing organic rice out of the belief that people must live in harmony with nature at all times. He introduced how he is working on agriculture that takes advantage of the power of microorganisms, such as using fermented powdered bamboo from abandoned bamboo forests and bamboo charcoal as a soil conditioner.



Shizuyo Minegishi of the Tosho Nature Farming Method Office reported on the works of Tetsuya Okano, chairman of the MOA Natural Farming Tosho Promotion Association. A video message from Mr. and Mrs. Okano was played, expressing their thoughts on starting rice farming using Nature Farming Methods despite having no experience in farming. Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, they felt a strong desire to deliver the rice they had grown to the people in the disaster-stricken areas, so they processed brown rice into ponsen rice cracker and delivered it in a form that could be eaten even in harsh environments.


Seiya Uchida, a senior researcher at the MOA Health Science Center, reportedreported on his research on the relationship between the Okada Healthy Food Program and the ability to cope with stress.


Hiroaki Kawamura, a member of the Chiba Prefectural Assembly, who was listening to the presentation, said, “As Mr. Tateishi said, I think Nature Farming Method and organic farming are being greatly reconsidered in the aftermath of COVID-19. Regarding collaboration with the government, which has been cited as challenges, I believe that we as members of the Diet must actively become involved,” he said with determination.


Other comments we received included, “I want to continue doing what Dr. Kawano taught me,” and “I realized that it is important to value not only others, but also yourself.”


Agricultural products sold by panelists were also held at the venue, and participants could be seen buying agricultural products.


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