MOA officials present their research—Japan Society for Integrated Medicine


Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Director Shiba and Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapist Fukasawa talked about the efforts of the clinic

“The 25th Japan Society for Integrative Medicine (Chairman / Tadashi Yano, President of Meiji International Medical University)” was held on December 18 and 19, 2021 under the theme of “The Future of Integrative Medicine—Ecology, Natural Healing Power, and Social Capital.” Two MOA officials presented their research at the event.



Dr. Akihiko Shiba (medicine), director of the MOA Nagoya Clinic, gave a poster presentation entitled, “Practical Report of Visiting Medical Consultation at Our Clinic—An Example of the Usefulness of Integrative Medicine in a Community-based Comprehensive Care System.” Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, continuous support in the community after visiting the Clinic was an issue. The nurse from the Clinic began visiting clients in their community and provided medical consultations and energy therapy. Dr. Shiba reported on a person who had refused to attend the day service without finding a meaning to live but began to actively participate in the rehabilitation and improved her ability to walk after the Clinic nurse visited. The visit has complemented the comprehensive community care system, and the possibility of living healthier in the community heightened.



Daisuke Fukasawa, an acupuncture and moxibustion therapist of the Takanawa Seifudou Treatment Center at the Tokyo Wellness Center, gave a poster presentation entitled, “Verification of the Safety and Synergistic Effects of a Combination of Massage and Other Therapies.” Mr. Fukasawa reported on the result of comparing the changes over three months between those who received regular massage. One group was those who also regularly experienced Purifying Therapy. Another group was those who did not experience Purifying Therapy regularly. The pain was reduced much faster for those who received Purifying Therapy four times or more weekly. Even in cases where the numerical value seems to deteriorate, the effect of massage increased for those who received Purifying Therapy four times or more a week. He reported that the combined use of Purifying Therapy with massage is safe and can be expected to have a synergistic effect.



Symposium 3 “Daily Traditional Knowledge and Integrated Medicine —Utilization of Local Resources Including Traditional Knowledge for Health and Regional Revitalization” was chaired by Kiyoshi Suzuki, President of MOA Health Science Foundation, and was a meaningful symposium.


Due to the infection status of the new coronavirus, this symposium was also conducted on the Internet. Various lectures, symposiums, and slide presentations on research themes such as “the future of Integrative Medicine,” “corona disaster and future medical care,” and “nursing and Integrative Medicine” were delivered LIVE. It was available on-demand until January 11.


Organizer / 25th Japan Society for Integrated Medical Sciences Organizing Committee