2024 Nature Farming College Graduation Ceremony


Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Starting with the aim of spreading the Nature Farming Method

On March 10, the 2023 graduation ceremony for the Nature Farming Method College of the Agriculture, Environment and Health Research Institute (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) was held at the MOA Ohito Seminar Center in Ohito Zuisenkyô. The three graduates who completed the Basic Technology Course received their diplomas from Principal Yoshifumi Tasaka. They departed to their hometown with the aim of spreading the Nature Farming Method, either as MOA Nature Farming Method practitioners or employees of agricultural and food-related companies.



At the ceremony, the institute’s representative director, Akihisa Iwamoto, gave a speech. The Green Strategy for Sustainable Food System is being fully implemented nationwide, and the institute has confirmed that it is working with Shizuoka Prefecture to expand organic farming. He said that participating in these activities was a valuable experience that they could not have had anywhere else. He also said that the content of what they learned about the Nature Farming Method and health promotion is the very way of a lifestyle that will be required in the future. He expressed his hope that they will contribute to society and be active in the future.


On behalf of the guests, Kohei Nakajima, president of MOA International Inc., gave a congratulatory speech. He questioned whether the various problems such as environmental destruction and conflicts have arisen because human beings have lived a life far removed from nature. He then emphasized that the Nature Farming Method, which is about adjusting to nature and respecting nature, teaches us the value of living not only for ourselves but also for others. He encouraged the students by saying that the attitude of living in harmony with nature that they cultivated at the university will give them the strength to overcome any rough seas that they may encounter in the future.



Ryo Okawa from the Department of Basic Technology gave a speech on behalf of the graduating class. Looking back on their days of learning, which included hands-on training on everything from growing crops to selling them, a wide range of lectures on the Nature Farming Method as well as food education and art; and a seminar in Minami Satsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which promotes organic farming as an Organic Village. The students expressed their gratitude for the support they received from their instructors and farm staff, which enabled them to grow. “I want to work hard to support others just as you have supported me,” he vowed. After the ceremony, a pep rally was held where the graduates, along with guests and lecturers, enjoyed natural food dishes and reminisced about the past year.