Future Medical Care and Community Enrichment Symposium in Niigata


Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
The keynote speech was “Food and mental care in medicine”

On October 29th, the “Future Medical Care and Community Enrichment Symposium in Niigata” was held at the Niigata Nippo Media Ship Nippo Hall. Approximately 170 people gathered, including government officials, education officials, and citizens. More than 550 people also participated through three remote venues in the prefecture and video streaming on YouTube.



Following the greetings from Hideyo Hanazumi, Governor of Niigata Prefecture (read by Lieutenant Governor Kenjiro Hashimoto), Dr. Shinzo Kato (Professor Emeritus of Keio University) of Gyokusenkai MOA Takanawa Clinic (Medical Foundation) gave a keynote speech on “Food and Mental Care in Medicine.”


Director Kato first introduced the Tokyo Wellness Center, which collaborates with Takanawa Clinic, and the Okada Health and Wellness Program that are offered like Healthy Food Program, Purifying Therapy, and Arts and Culture Program. Introducing his own experience of changing the perspective of seeing illness from the perspective of the person’s entire life rather than looking at each individual organ. Dr. Kato emphasized the importance of changing from previous perspective instead of looking at people’s illness the same way.


Agriculture was one of the things that made Dr. Kato realize the necessity to change. He said that crops that grow in soil where a variety of microorganisms live have resistance, are less susceptible to diseases, and grow vigorously, and that such crops are also good for the health of those who eat them. He explained that the diversity of intestinal bacteria and various perspectives are important for our health. He concluded his lecture by calling on the public to consider the following: in this era, where a transition from a growing society to a mature society is required, where a healthy human body and mind are built from rich soil, Healthcare and Community Enrichment from now will progress if each individual changes their perspective.


The symposium that followed included Mitsuo Ishizuka, vice president of Yumenotani Farm, agricultural cooperative corporation, Mitsuki Ashida, manager of Green Market MOA Sanjo store, Seiichi Sanada, representative of Niigata City active listening volunteers, and Seiya Uchida, a senior researcher, representatives of MOA Health Science Center. Osamu Yamazaki, director of Niigata Prefecture Hospital, served as the coordinator.



Vice President Ishizuka introduced his work in organic farming for about 30 years and the Niigata Organic Liaison Council, which was established in March of this year with the hope of further developing organic farming. He called for the movement of the council, which was launched with the great desire to provide organic farm produce for school lunches, to transcend the boundaries between producers and consumers.


Manager Ashida is keenly aware of her role as a link between producers and consumers, and says that she values communication with both parties. By conveying the joy of consumers to producers, she hopes to create a cycle of gratitude between them. Manager Ashida shared a story of a visitor, after a casual conversation, a visitor shed tears and revealed her painful feelings. As they continued to talk and this visitor began to incorporate MOA Nature Farming Method vegetables and MOA natural foods into her meals, she gradually improved her mental and physical health.


Representative Sanada said that as an active listening volunteers organization, they are actively involved in activities such as arranging flowers in public facilities and holding an exhibition of MOA museum of art’s children artworks of Niigata in hopes of creating a healthy mind for people. The organization hopes to create a vibrant community so that the community as a whole can become a force for raising children.


Chief Researcher Uchida presented his research titled “The stress-reducing effects of the Okada Health and Wellness Program.” Using slides of various research results, he introduced how Okada Health and Wellness Programs, including Purifying Therapy, can be a way to relieve stress.


A participant said, “I have come to realize that food is connected to my mental stability, Dr. Kato’s lecture really touched my heart. I learned a lot about agriculture, the environment, health issues, food education, art education, and other aspects of daily life. I felt that all important things are connected, and I learned a lot today.”


In the lobby area, there were displays of vegetables produced using Nature Farming Methods in the prefecture as well as outstanding artworks from children’s exhibitions. In addition to MOA Nature Farming Method, vegetables from other organic farming organizations were also on sale.





Sponsored by: MOA Health Science Center, MOA International, MOA Natural Agriculture Niigata Prefecture Promotion Association, Supported by: Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City, Sado City, Sado Kisen Co., Ltd., Niigata Nippo, BSN Niigata Broadcasting, NST Niigata General Television, TeNY TV Niigata, UX Niigata TV 21, Niigata City Listening Volunteer Kokoro, Cosponsored by: Niigata Organic Liaison Council, Agricultural Cooperative Corporation Yumenotani Farm