The 1st Why is it Necessary to have Scientific Aspects?

Kiyoshi Suzuki, MD, PhD
President, MOA Health Science Foundation

1. Thinking behind the Okada Health and Wellness Program

The Okada Health and Wellness Program consist of the Healthy Eating Program, Arts and Culture Program, and Purifying Therapy based on the views of Mokichi Okada on Health. Please visit the MOA International Homepage for more details. An international survey of the effects of Okada Purifying Therapy was published in the August 2020 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a world-renowned medical journal for integrative medicine. The translation of Mokichi Okada’s view of health and pathogenesis is as follows:

“All substances and living things have a two-sided relationship between the “body” in the real world and the “spiritual body” belonging to the spiritual world, and they interact with each other. Substances and waste products metabolized in the body become toxins, which physically cause various illnesses and misfortunes, and become “cloudy” for the spiritual body. On the other hand, bad deeds and ways of thinking become cloudy in the spiritual body and become toxins for the physical body. The removal of toxins in the body, the removal of spiritual cloudiness, leads to a fundamental solution to all kinds of illnesses and true well-being.”

By practicing the Okada Health and Wellness Program and removing toxins in the body, that is, the cloudiness of the spirit, we aim for a fundamental solution to all kinds of illnesses and true happiness. In the fields of Integrative Medicine, such spiritual aspect is considered important in maintaining people’s health.

2. The Significance of the Research of the Okada Health and Wellness Program

Why does the Okada Health and Wellness Program make diet, art and energy therapies as its pillars while aiming for health from spiritual aspects? In the Food and Eating Program, their focus is on fertilizer-free and pesticide-free rice and vegetables. Even if fertilizer-free and pesticide-free natural farming is safe, what is the difference from general organic farming? Is the Food and Eating Program healthier than other diets? When it comes to the Arts and Culture Program, what is the difference between making a flower yourself and seeing a beautiful flower arranged by someone else? Explaining energy healing like Purifying Therapy is more difficult, isn’t it? When you explain that the invisible energy from your palm improves your symptoms, few people believe it at the beginning.

According to a treatise investigating the motives for starting the Okada Health and Wellness Program, it suggested that people are more willing to try it if it is recommended by someone they trust, rather than having scientific support. All researchers involved in scientifically proving the efficacy of the Okada Health and Wellness Program do not believe everyone will comprehend the Program by sharing our findings. Still, I believe research is meaningful.

3. We Have Come This Far through Research

Researchers at the MOA Health Science Foundation, including myself, are studying the Okada Health and Wellness Program using the methods that they are good at. The results are presented at academic conferences in Japan and overseas and are summarized in Japanese and English treatises.

Based on his conviction and experiences, Okada explained about the efficacy of his Programs. It is our job to objectively show the effects of the Program proposed by Okada. No matter how wonderful Okada’s writings and/or others’ experiences are, I cannot say that “you will obtain the same results.” The advantage of Western medicine is that it can be said that “if this is done, what percentage of people will be like this.” For patients, who are about to undergo medical treatments, the likelihood of having a higher percentage of positive results are a big issue. By scientifically researching the Okada Health and Wellness Program, one day we will be able to say “this is the probability that this will happen” or “I can tell you this much, but I don’t know any further.”

When I presented the research results of the Okada Health and Wellness Program at an international conference, I was surprised at the magnitude of the responses. Not only did I get questions from people from different countries, but I also got asked to give a lecture in their country the next time. Why is that?

Many studies are conducted at universities and public research institutes, and first of all, dozens of people are analyzed in detail using special inspection equipment. If the results are good, they will carry out a large-scale survey with the support of research funds from the national government. Few studies have been conducted by private organizations on their own, such as MOA. This is because it is generally difficult and expensive to build a network for large-scale surveys. However, in my research, a total of 90,000 people participated in the Okada Health and Wellness Program survey conducted with the cooperation of the MOA members, and 13,000 people participated in the international survey conducted in 14 countries. I believe foreign researchers are interested in what kind of organization MOA is, which is capable of conducting such a large-scale international research.

The background to this large-scale research, which was successfully conducted: (1) the Purifying Therapy therapists cooperated as volunteers, (2) the instructors held many survey briefings in Japan and overseas, and (3) survey questions were simple to respond. I would like to introduce the results of this large-scale survey again.
Medical personnel and experts highly appreciate that MOA is seriously studying the effects of the Okada Health and Wellness Program. In the end, in order to obtain public trust for MOA, I think three things are important: 1) Compassionate heart and actions of MOA members, 2) the actual effect of the Okada Health and Wellness Program, and 3) the scientific research results on that effect.

4. Does Experience of Others Mean Anything?

As already mentioned, I cannot tell that “you will obtain this results” just because others have obtained that results. However, when case reports filled with so-called “miracles” keep on piling up, even it may not have scientific backing, the reports begins to have its own significance to many people. It is good to keep that in mind as you hear not just “miracle” reports of the Okada Health and Wellness Program and/or any other health methods or therapies.
Take cancer as an example, even if a specialist diagnoses people to have cancer, it is said that 1 in 10,000 people will heal spontaneously without any treatment. It is also not rare to have symptoms and/or medical data to show recovery. Therefore, even a certain person is said to be cured from his illness, I cannot completely state that the Okada Health and Wellness Program cured it. If I conclude that this temporary improvement is due to the Okada Health and Wellness Program, my clients may wonder “what’s wrong” when the symptoms recur and/or worsen. I think how he lives his life from here on is important. While improving his lifestyle, he should obtain the necessary medical treatments by having a medical follow-up, regardless of the temporary improvement or worsening of his symptoms. In the meantime, if he feels certain programs of the Okada Health and Wellness Program fit his needs, he should enjoy and continue. Such practice tends to bring a better outcome.

Kiyoshi Suzuki graduated from the Chiba University School of Medicine in 1981. He is a doctor of medicine. After working as a Deputy Director of Pediatrics at Sakakibara Memorial Hospital, he worked at the Naruki Clinic, and later became the director of Tamagawakai MOA Takanawa Clinic / Tokyo Clinic, Director of MOA Health Science Foundation and Honorary Director of the Tokyo Clinic. He is also the Director of the Japan Society for Integrated Medical Sciences and Chairman of the International Committee. In 1994, he was awarded the Young Investigator’s Award by the Japanese Circulation Society.