MOA collaboration groups

  • Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation

    We promote characters of individuals through beauty and to popularize culture and art, collect artworks, preserve artworks, exhibit artworks, publicize artworks and research on artworks, international cultural exchange, recognition and honoring of artists. We also operate and manage the MOA Museum of Art in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the Hakone Museum of Art in Hakonemachi, Kanagawa Prefecture. We also put effort into the aesthetic education of children and youths by offering classroom education, lectures and experiences.

  • MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation

    Maximize the innate power of the soil without utilizing agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers by developing techniques and popularizing the MOA Nature Farming Method to produce plants. We collaborate with over 250 producers groups (popularization society, research groups, etc.) of the Nature Farming Method that exist within Japan to support local production and popularization of Nature Farming, health promotion through local production and consumption to further enrich communities.

  • Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment

    The source of life is food and while popularizing agriculture, we conserve the earth environment directly related to our life and desire to promote healthy mind and body in people by establishing a sustainable social system, operate and manage the Farm College at the Ôhito Farm in Izunokuni, Shizuoka Prefecture to develop individuals who will carry on the agriculture for the next generation.

  • MOA Health Science Foundation

    Investigation and research based on the view of respecting and following Nature for various medical and health methods inside and outside of Japan to further announce and popularize research results of the Okada Health and Wellness Program that utilize the innate natural healing power of man. We collaborate with MOA International in holding the Okada Health and Wellness Program Research Gatherings and Tomorrow’s Medicine and Community Enrichment Symposium to share the importance of promoting Integrative Medicine and Healthy Mind and Body Community Enrichment.

  • Medical Association (Gyokusenkai, Aiwakai, Zuisenkai and Korinakai)

    Together with MOA International, we manage the medical sections of the MOA Wellness Centers nationwide. In collaboration with the MOA Health Science Foundation, we publicize the effectiveness and safety of research findings of the Okada Health and Wellness Program at the Okada Health and Wellness Program Research Gatherings and Japanese Integrative Medicine Association.

  • MOA Incorporated

    Having a concept of “bringing you food products filled with energy to develop your heart, body and environment,” we sell processed foods of environmentally friendly produce grown with love by practitioners of MOA Nature Farming. We have Green Markets operated in various regions of Japan, as well as Online Shops, to bring safe and secure food items to consumers to promote food consumption for a healthy mind and body.

  • MOA Green Service Co., Ltd.

    MOA Green Service primarily maintains and manages the Hakone Shinsenkyô and Atami Zuiunkyô, as well as repairs and refurbishes the gardens and buildings. MOA Green Service is also in charge of the design and construction management of the buildings at both sites.

  • MOA Fund Co., Ltd.

    MOA Fund is an insurance agency providing support for individuals’ lives by offering medical and life insurance. MOA Fund desires to support a healthy mind and body community enrichment by providing insurance suitable for individual needs.

  • Meisei Security Co., Ltd.

    Meisei Security provides safety services in the hope of creating a bright and safe society. Meisei Security provides security services for MOA-related facilities such as the MOA Museum of Art and business partners. Meisei Security offers traffic guidance at events, and disaster prevention drills in collaboration with related organizations and communities to provide explanations and guidance on emergency lifesaving.