The 2nd Effectiveness and Safety of the Okada Purifying Therapy

Kiyoshi Suzuki, MD, PhD
President, MOA Health Science Foundation

The Okada Health and Wellness Program have three pillars: Purifying Therapy, Healthy Eating Program, and Arts and Culture Program. This time, I will share about the efficacy and safety of the Okada Purifying Therapy from a scientific and objective perspective. Purifying Therapy can be said to be the lifeline of the Okada Health and Wellness Program, so please check the MOA website and books on Purifying Therapy for specific details and theories.
Purifying Therapy is technically classified in the same “bioenergy therapy” as healing touch, Reiki, and external qigong. The definition of energy therapy is “a non-invasive (non-damaging) therapy in which the practitioner uses his/her own bioenergy to work on the bioenergy of the other person.” The treatise on “Basics and Clinical Practice of Energy Therapy” summarizes the basic knowledge of energy therapy and how to incorporate it into medical care. It was published in the journal of the Japan Society for Integrated Medical Sciences in 2015; so if you are interested, please contact the MOA Healthy Life Center in your area.

1. Symptoms Often Improve When Receiving Purifying Therapy, and It Is Highly Safe

Many people feel the reduction of their symptoms when they receive Purifying Therapy, but some people may feel increased symptoms. How effective and safe is Purifying Therapy?
In order to investigate the effectiveness and safety of Purifying Therapy, we investigated the changes in symptoms after treatment in more than 60,000 Japanese people. According to the report, more than 70% of the respondents answered that their symptoms such as physical pain, anxiety, and dizziness improved. Those that reported that their symptoms became stronger are less than 1 in 50 people and their symptoms eventually improved within a few hours by watching the situation or extending the Purifying Therapy. Therefore, Purifying Therapy often improves symptoms and is highly safe. If you would like to know more detail, please download the 2012 “Large-scale Questionnaire Survey on the Effects of Okada Purifying Therapy” from the website of the MOA Health Science Foundation. The original work of this treatise was published in an American medical journal in 2012 (Altern Ther Health Med 2012; 18: 38-50).
This survey result contains interesting content. The improvement rate was the highest when the woman, expecting the positive effect of the treatment, received the treatment for 50 minutes or more at the MOA facility. In other words, three things were important: (1) positive expectations for the Purifying Therapy, (2) the place and atmosphere suitable for the Purifying Therapy, and (3) the necessary and sufficient treatment time of Purifying Therapy. In short, I think the therapist’s compassionate actions and the atmosphere of the room make the symptoms even better.

2. Purifying Therapy Changes Brain Waves and Electrocardiogram

I am not suggesting that Purifying Therapy is not just a mental effect; a placebo effect. According to a study by the MOA Health Science Foundation, even if Purifying Therapy is performed without the person’s knowledge, the brain waves and electrocardiogram change only during the procedure. It is a scientific and objective fact that the bioenergy of the practitioner affects the bioenergy of the other party. For more information, please refer to the 2012 MOA Health Science Foundation Research Report, “Effects of Okada Purifying Therapy on Human EEG.” The original work of this treatise was also published in an American medical journal in 2012 (J Altern Complement Med 2012; 18: 875-879).
Even with other bioenergy therapies, various changes can be seen in the body during the procedure. There are also reports that there were differences in the functions of immune cells in humans and also animals, and that there were differences in the growth of cancer cells in petri dishes. However, even if experts around the world measure it in various ways, the energy itself cannot be proven yet. Don’t you think it’s strange?
In summary, I can state that the change in symptoms due to Purifying Therapy is related not only to the effect of energy itself, but also to the place and atmosphere of the treatment and the relationship of trust with the practitioner and recipients.

3. Symptomatology often Improves with Continued Purifying Therapy

Until now, I shared about the effectiveness and safety of one Purifying Therapy treatment. I want to share about what happens to people when they receive many treatments. In Japan, I investigated the effect of continuing the treatment with the cooperation of patients with menopausal syndrome. Menopausal syndrome is when women in their 40s and 50s suffer from symptoms such as dizziness, palpitation, sweating, and hot flashes due to a decrease in female hormones. When I investigated the changes in symptoms when Purifying Therapy was continued for three months for menopausal syndrome, the symptoms were alleviated by receiving the treatment once or twice a week, but when receiving the treatment three times or more a week, the symptoms were alleviated dramatically. Eventually their symptoms improved dramatically and subsided one year later (MOA Health Science Foundation Research Report 2008; 12: 13-19).
People often ask me how long one should receive the treatment every day to improve his symptoms. Both practitioner and recipient can only focus for about an hour. So I think three or more sessions of 30 to 60 minutes a week will likely bring up his chance of improving his symptoms. If he is suffering from heavy symptoms and/or feels better after every Purifying Therapy session, I recommend him to receive more often. To sum up the stories of many people, I have heart, not only receiving the treatment, but also performing the treatment helps to improve the symptoms. If he is a certified Purifying Therapy therapist, even for a short time, he should administer Purifying Therapy to his practitioner after he receives the treatment.

4. Things to be Aware of during the Purifying Therapy

I already shared that Purifying Therapy is highly safe. However, if the symptoms are severe and unstable, the symptoms may become stronger even temporarily. If one feels sick during the Purifying Therapy, I recommend that you stop the procedure immediately and consult his doctor or clinic, if necessary. In particular, one should be aware of this during the Purifying Therapy for those with bronchial asthma attacks and/or mental instability.
Bronchial asthma has chronic inflammation of the airways; and if the symptoms become severe even temporarily, breathing may not be possible, leading to a dangerous condition. There are effective inhaled medicines these days, so I suggest such people to have these medicines on hand, in order for them to receive the Purifying Therapy with peace of mind.
If they are mentally unstable, especially if they have forgotten to take the medicine they should be taking, they may get into a mental panic. It is recommended that they take the prescribed medication while receiving Purifying Therapy.

Kiyoshi Suzuki graduated from the Chiba University School of Medicine in 1981. He is a doctor of medicine. After working as a Deputy Director of Pediatrics at Sakakibara Memorial Hospital, he worked at the Naruki Clinic, and later became the director of Tamagawakai MOA Takanawa Clinic / Tokyo Clinic, Director of MOA Health Science Foundation and Honorary Director of the Tokyo Clinic. He is also the Director of the Japan Society for Integrated Medical Sciences and Chairman of the International Committee. In 1994, he was awarded the Young Investigator’s Award by the Japanese Circulation Society.