A large number of tourists visit Shinsenkyo (Land of Eternal Happiness), the national place of scenic beauty for autumn leaves


Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture
The area around Sunshine Hall designed by Isohachi Yoshida is also open to the public.

In Shinsenkyo, a national place of scenic beauty, where the Hakone museum of art is located, the colorful autumn leaves are delighting the eyes of many people this year as well. Open every day during the autumn leaves season in November. Areas that are normally closed to the public are also made available to the public.


Shinsenkyo has more than 400 maple trees in the entire garden, and about 220 maple trees in the moss garden. The moss garden, with its beautiful contrast between the approximately 130 types of moss and the red and yellow autumn leaves, is especially popular, and people were often seen taking photos while walking around.




Other popular attractions include Sekirakuen (rock garden), which offers a panoramic view of the Hakone mountains and Sagami Sea, and the garden surrounding the Sunshine Hall area (a special public area) where you can enjoy the collaboration of a pond, waterfall, and autumn leaves.




Hakone Museum of Art’s “Modern Crafts – Focusing on Living National Treasures” (until December 6th), which exhibits the works of Yasokichi Tokuda III, was also popular. The Ryukyuan Dance Benirin no Kai (Okinawa Dance Group of Master Rinko Teruya), dance performance was held 4 times at the Sunshine Hall designed by Isohachi Yoshida on November 11th and 12th. Over 500 people attended the performance. The ceremonial dance “Kagiyadefu”, the “Nuchibana” dance in which a Hawaiian lei-like ornament made of threads of red and white flowers is hung around the neck, and the bright, fun and light “Nuchibana” dance were performed as well as “Kanayo Tenkawa” and other songs.



We heard comments such as “The best time to see the autumn leaves is probably a little further away. However, the autumn leaves in the back garden that was open to the public and along the stream were beautiful” and “I was glad that I was able to unexpectedly see Ryukyu dance.” Many foreign tourists were also present.