Founder Mokichi Okada

1882Dec. 230Born in Hashiba, Tokyo
1897Sept.14Entered Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
190522Opened Korindo, a retail store of various goods, in Yaesu, Tokyo
190724Opened Okada Company, Ltd., a wholesale business of women’s accessories, in Kyōbashi, Tokyo
191532Invented the Asahi Diamond, an accessory, and obtained a patent from ten countries
191936Gets into major financial trouble with the bankruptcy of his supplier bank
June36Death of his first wife after she gives birth to her third child (all three children died either at birth or soon after birth)
1920Feb.37Turned Okada Company in to Okada Company, Ltd. in order to restore the business due to the economic crisis after World War I damaging his business again
June37Developed interest in religion after suffering from various unhappiness
1923Sept. 140Experienced the Great Kanto Earthquake
1928Feb.45Left his business behind and focused on salvation activities centered on treating people with illness
1934May 151Originated Okada Purifying Therapy
1935Sept. 552Announced the Wellness Center Concept
1936Feb.53Began research on the Nature Farming Method
May 1553Established the Health Association
1944May 561Moved to Gôra in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture; begins construction of Shinsenkyô (Land of Eternal Happiness) in 1945
1945Dec. 762Purchased land in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture; began construction of Zuiunkyô (Land of Auspicious Clouds) in Momoyama, Atami in 1946
1949March 866Published the Zuisenkyô (Health Oasis) Concept
1951May68Lectured on “Creation of a True Civilization” at the Hibiya Public Hall in Tokyo
1952June 1569Completed the Hakone Museum of Art in Shinsenkyô
Sept. 1569Established the Tomei Art Preservation Society (forerunner of the current MOA Art and Culture Foundation)
1953Dec. 170Inaugurated the Society to Popularize Nature Farming
1954Feb. 471Obtained “Red and White Plum Blossom Screens” by Ogata Kôrin (Japan’s National Treasure)
1955Feb. 872Obtained “Tea-Leaf Jar” by Nonomura Ninsei (Japan’s National Treasure)
Feb. 1072Okada passes away in Atami

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