The Arts and Culture Program

The Arts and Culture ProgramWhen you observe beautiful sceneries and/or magnificent artworks, you begin to feel your heart is being enriched, thus refining your senses and making your life prosperous. When your senses are enriched, you begin to notice the seasonal changes, condition of others, and things you may not have paid attention to before. Many people feel less stressed because of their enriched senses.

The Arts and Culture Program, a part of the Okada Health and Wellness Program, is to help you discover beauty in your daily life and enrich your senses while enjoying beauty. It is a program to promote a healthy mind and body by beautifying your mind, the words you use and your actions.

We propose that you include the enjoyment of art and beauty—like Nature and the beauty of the four seasons, scenery, artworks, cinema, performances and music—in your daily life. We encourage you to move forward with a bright life by starting with a simple act of decorating your room with a single flower to begin including beauty in your life.