Symposium “What is a future worth living for?” held


Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Approximately 500 youths attended the lecture at the MOA museum of art Noh Theater.

On November 11th, the symposium “What is a future worth living for – finding a lifestyle that is kind to yourself and others” was held at the MOA museum of art, and the venue was filled with nearly 500 young people, students, and their parents. It was live-streamed in 86 locations nationwide.


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This event was held in the hope that young people will think about “what they live for” and build a future where their lives are worth living in a time of chaos caused by spread of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, international conflicts, economic instability, and global environmental problems.


The symposium was moderated by Masaaki Matoba, Director of Human Resources Development Extension and Human Resources Development Planning, PHP Research Institute, and was attended by Dr. Yasushi Kawano, chief priest of Rinko-ji Temple, Kencho-ji School of the Rinzai Sect, and former deputy representative director of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. President Jun Tamura, CEO of 100 Years Planning Co., Ltd., took the stage.



Dr. Kawano and CEO Tamura shared tips on what to do to feel a sense of purpose in life in an era when it is difficult to imagine a bright future. They recommended to find what you want to do and what you should do, and find goals that will be useful to the world. Based on their own experiences and efforts, the participants talked about the importance of an altruistic spirit in how they deal with themselves and how they interact with others. Director Matoba introduced ideas for approaching an “honest heart,” such as acknowledging the value of one’s existence and extending it to others, as summarized in a study group that he worked on with Dr. Kawano, CEO Tamura, and others. Additionally, all participants experienced a mindfulness session taught by Dr. Kawano.



The speakers concluded the symposium by cheering on the audience at the venue and remotely, stating that a better Japan in the future will depend on the active participation of the younger generation. A big round of applause was received from the young people in the audience.