Published MOA Health Science Foundation Research Report No. 25


Study on the relationship between smoking and QOL, the Okada Health and Wellness Program and dementia, etc.

The 25th volume of the research report has been published by the MOA Health Science Foundation.


A research report entitled, “Comprehensive QOL and Spiritual Attitudes in Smokers and Non-Smokers—From the Results of a Cross-sectional Survey of Employees of Private Companies” by Senior Researcher Tomoaki Kimura and others, and “Is the Okada Health and Wellness Program useful for the prevention of dementia?—Re-examination of the results of screening surveys conducted in the Dohoku region of Hokkaido and its future prospects” are included.


The relationship between smoking and QOL (quality of life) and spiritual attitude (cognition, behavior, emotions based on an individual’s outlook on life and values), including not only physical health but also purpose and satisfaction, little research has been done so far.


There are issues with the scale and number of surveys in this study. Although it is difficult to universalize the results, it is presumed that women with a good spiritual attitude tend not to smoke.


Previous results of a dementia survey on the research “Is the Okada Health and Wellness Program useful for the prevention of dementia?” were reviewed. Although the region is limited and challenges existed in the number of participants and the participants themselves, compared to the research results of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, those who are experiencing the Okada Health and Wellness Program have shown significantly less percentage of dementia.


The research report collection can be downloaded from the following.

Research Report Vol. 25