Introducing the Dietary Program

Introducing the Dietary ProgramOur daily diet is the basis of our life. “As long as it fills me up”—is that really what you want?

As man’s lifestyle-related illnesses increase, even people outside of Japan are paying attention to the Japanese diet. Let us enjoy Japanese food by using Nature Farming Method produce filled with the abundance of the blessings from Nature and love of the producers, as well as organic processed foods.

The Dietary Program of the Okada Health and Wellness Program is to improve the diet of individuals and families while enjoying foods. It is a Dietary Program based on respect for Nature and the development of a healthy mind and body in tune with Nature.
The Dietary Program has several key points:
1.“Balanced Diet” with consideration of a vegetable to meat ratio
2.“Japanese Food” centered on rice as a staple and vegetables
3.“Ingredients Choice” high in life force and seasonal
4.“Creative Cooking” by utilizing the innate taste of ingredients
5.“Rhythm and Volume” for three meals with just the right amount and delicious
6.“Enjoying Meals” with good taste, joy and gratitude
By improving our daily diet, it can lead to the enhancement of man’s innate healing ability. It can also bring changes to our lifestyle like the health of our mind and body, the words we use, and our actions. By utilizing Family Recipes, why not improve your daily diet.
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