Tokyo Ryôin MOA Wellness Center was certified as a “social model” facility by the Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine


Minato Ward, Tokyo
Following last year’s “medical model” certification

Based on the concept of “A Place for Healthy Mind and Body,” Tokyo Ryôin works on health promotion that focuses on not only physical health but also mental and spiritual health by making use of natural healing powers. It has been accredited as a “social model” facility certified by the Society for Integrative Medicine Japan and has been posted on the list of certified facilities on the website of the academic society.



The society aims to disseminate the methods of providing Integrative Medicine that is compatible with the Japanese medical system, and has established facilities with sufficient knowledge, clinical experience, and excellent skills, as well as to certify appropriate familiarity as the “medical model” and “social model.” The accredited facilities are introduced along with an overview of Integrative Medicine on the “for the general public – Explanation of Integrative Medicine and introduction to hospitals where Integrative Medicine is available” page on the Society’s website.


The “medical model” of Integrative Medicine is a patient-centered, multidisciplinary team structure of multidisciplinary medical professionals. The “social model” is centered on community residents with the aim of improving the quality of life (QOL) of community residents through multigenerational cooperation in the community. Tokyo Ryôin became a “medical model” certified facility in March of last year, and it means that it has been recognized as a “facility with sufficient knowledge, clinical experience, and excellent skills” for integrative medicine in both the medical model and social model.