About 3,100 people attended the MOA Sangetsu Kohrinka Flower Exhibition


Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Some people say they got power from flowers

Exhibition at the Sendai Ryokusaikan, the general information center of the fair, from May 30 to June 4, during the 40th National Urban Greening Sendai Fair held in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. The “MOA Sangetsu Kohrinka Flower” Exhibition was held, and about 3,100 people, including citizens and tourists, visited the exhibit over six days. The event was held with the hope that the healing and emotional impact of the flowers, which foster peace-loving thoughts and encourages the improvement of character, spreads from individuals to families and communities.



The works exhibited were arranged by 34 MOA Arts and Culture Instructors and/or Kohrinka students. Many visitors stopped to look at the works that made use of the natural beauty of flowers such as roses, sunflowers, campanella, and Japanese dogwood. Elementary school students’ works using empty cans as decorative vases with colored paper and ribbons also caught the attention of the visitors.




“The flowers that bloom in normal home gardens were used and were so beautiful that it made me feel that I too wanted to try arranging those flowers in my own home.” “The sunflowers empowered me. I took pictures of them and I intend to show the pictures to those who are ill.” “The Children’s works had a wonderful idea of flower vases, and the way of arranging them was different from that of adults.” Such comments were obtained. A number of visitors also requested to join the Kohrinka classes.


In addition to the flower exhibition, awarded works from the MOA Museum of Art Sendai Children’s Art Exhibition were also displayed, one each from the painting and calligraphy sections. The pamphlets of the Hakone Museum of Art and the MOA Museum of ArtMOA Museum of Art were distributed. Members of the House of Representatives, Kenya Akiba, members of the Miyagi Prefectural Assembly, members of the Sendai City Assembly, educators, and other guests visited the exhibition. The Minister of the Environment, Akihiro Nishimura, delivered a message of encouragement. The fair attracted 1.15 million visitors during the 54 days from April 26 to June 18 at venues such as the Omawari district of Aobayama Park in Sendai City.


Sponsored by: Mokichi Okada Arts and Culture Foundation Miyagi Branch