Nature Farming Method College opens campus


Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Some participants decided to enroll in hopes of protecting the environment.

The Nature Farming Method College of the National Institute of Agriculture, Environment and Health has been holding an open campus at Ohito Farm once a month since July, with 8 students attending on July 15th and 5 students attending on August 27th, 3 people participated on September 23rd. While learning about the College and touring the MOA Nature Farming Method farmland, some participants decided that they would like to study at the College next year in hopes of protecting the natural environment.



At the September event, participants listened to the Opening Remarks from Principal Yoshifumi Tasaka and learned about the curriculum of the basic technology department and agricultural technology department, as well as the contents of the newly established working adult course. The participants were surprised to see so many motivated people gathered together.



Next, they toured the research farmland where long-term continuous cultivation tests are being conducted, as well as the okra fields being grown by working adult course participants. At the farmland where current students practice Nature Farming Method, when they first enroll, they grow crops in groups, and from summer onwards, they are assigned individual responsibility for the fields, where each student works on the crops one by one. They pay close attention to their growth and disease. The participants were nodding their heads when they heard about the actual way of learning that emphasizes experience.



“Zuisenkyô (Land of Auspicious Spring) Marche” is also held on the day of the open campus, where participants watch current students sell vegetables, interact with them and hear detailed stories about some hardships of practical training as well as everyday school life.



One participant said, “I learned about the Natural Agriculture College while researching organic farming in Izu. I joined the program while on a trip, and I was fascinated by the wonderful environment. I also wanted to have a hands-on experience of farming here. “Another participant said “I wanted to protect the environment through agriculture, so I researched natural farming methods and came across Ohito Farm. After visiting several times, I learned about the Natural Farming College. I was able to learn about the curriculum in detail today, and I definitely want to start studying next year.’


The open campus will be held on October 21st, November 12th, and December 17th in conjunction with “Zuisenkyô Marche.” You can check the dates and apply for participation on the Nature Farming Method College website.