The 22nd Mokichi Okada Grand Prize of Bingata was awarded to Mr. Shiroma – MOA Museum of Art


Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Exhibition on the theme of “Crafts for Tomorrow”

The 22nd Mokichi Okada Award, which inherits the will of the founder of the MOA Museum of Art, Mokichi Okada, honors artists who are active at the forefront of contemporary Japanese crafts. Mr. Eiichi Shiroma was selected to receive the award. The award ceremony was held on October 8 in the reception room of the museum. After Mr. Tokugo Uchida, director of the museum, explained the selection process, Mr. Kazumi Murose, representative director of the Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation, presented the certificate of commendation.




The award was exhibited from October 7th to 25th with the theme of “Crafts for Tomorrow.” Eiichi Shiroma’s Ryukyu Bingata kimono “Nami no Uta (Melody of Waves)” was exhibited, as well as the works of eight other invited artists.