Organic farming symposium held at Ohito Research Farm (morning session)


Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
44 people participated in the tour of Ohito Research Farm

The 8th Symposium “Thinking about the Spread and Promotion of Organic Farming” hosted by the Institute of Agriculture, Environment and Health (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) was held on August 5 at the MOA Training Center at Ohito Research Farm in Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture.


The symposium was held for the purpose of promoting cooperation among educational institutions, government, producers, private organizations, etc. for the development of organic agriculture in Shizuoka Prefecture, toward the production and training of producers, and the improvement of the environment.


The symposium, which was held in two parts, morning and afternoon, included educators such as teachers and students from agricultural high schools and universities in the prefecture, as well as government officials, agricultural research institutes, JA, etc. in the morning. 44 people participated in the morning session and 130 in the afternoon session.


This time, the symposium was held mainly at the Ohito Research Farm. The title expresses the passion of those involved to spread the results of the efforts to popularize the sustainable agricultural system (Nature Farming Method and/or organic farming), as well as the educational achievements of the Natural Farming College over the past 33 years, to as many people as possible.


At the same time, the role that organic agriculture should play in Japan and abroad, such as the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) and the “Green Food System Strategy,” are increasing. Shizuoka Prefecture also revised the Shizuoka Prefecture Organic Farming Promotion Plan this year, and has begun to take steps towards realizing the goal of expanding the area where organic farming is practiced and increasing the number of users of organic food. At the symposium, Shigeru Yoshida, Representative Director of NPO Shizuoka Organic Web, who is also the driving force behind the spread and expansion of organic farming in the prefecture, gave a keynote speech. Activity reports were also made by Shizuoka prefecture’s Takata Agricultural High School Principal Toyokazu Kubota and students, and case studies were presented by four producers.


In the morning session, which included a tour of the Ohito Research Farm, Yoshifumi Tasaka, Principal of the Nature Farming Method College, gave a speech. He explained about technology development and survey research conducted based on the farm. He also shared an overview of the university as an educational and training department. He said, “I hope that you will be able to see the worksite of this research institute and find the direction for the future development of organic agriculture in Shizuoka Prefecture.”




After that, the participants were divided into four groups. They then visited the farm’s “Nature Farming Method demonstration field (tea plantation),” “continuous cultivation test field,” “Nature Farming Method College training field,” and “natural food and Nature Farming Method agricultural products sales store (Pal store).” The participants received explanations about each section from the people involved, and deepened their understanding of the research and technology development of the Nature Farming Method and the educational content of the university.






A boxed lunch made with Nature Farming Method rice (kumaminori) and vegetables harvested from the farm was provided for lunch, and the taste and richness of the food were highly appreciated by the participants.


Sponsored by: Institute of Agriculture, Environment and Health
Supported by: Shizuoka Prefecture, Izunokuni City, Mishima City
Sponsored by NPO Shizuoka Organic Web, MOA Natural Farming Culture Foundation


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