Our Desires

Kohei Nakajima

Humanity is in the midst of a major transition at the international level.We are in the midst of daily crises and developments in the areas of natural resources, energy, environment, climate changes, globalization, disparity, expansion of individual freedom and isolation, etc.In addition, the recent pandemic has changed all aspects of society at once.As we feel the pain, we also sense that we must confront whether we can remain in our current lifestyle and bond with one another.

MOA International, a General Incorporated Association, advances a healthy Mind and Body Community based on “Helping Others” by working with other groups and leaders.Founder Mokichi Okada was a businessperson, profound thinker, man of religion and philosopher.During the chaotic and turbulent era, Okada experienced various illnesses and suffering and spent time thinking about the cause of illnesses and poverty, as well as researching “What Is Human Beings?” and “the true essence of this world,” to come up with his very own principles.As a result of his years of study, his philosophies are practiced by many people throughout the world as a means to improve people’s health, as well as a way to volunteer for community enrichment. We also offer various seminars to challenge you and improve your skills in the Enjoyment of Art by All, Agriculture that Considers Man and Environment and Healthy Meals, New Approach and Methods for Health and Natural Energy. (Please refer to other pages on various Health and Wellness Methods, Seminars, key stations like MOA「Wellness Center」, and various sites in collaboration with medical associations.)

Our basic view includes invisible characters (spirituality) not elucidated scientifically but clarifies man’s happiness or unhappiness.Thus, we think that man can walk the path of happiness when he uses his heart to benefit others and society’s happiness, imbue love into words used and as much action as possible.

A new lifestyle filled with joy and a sense of life will lead to true bonding of a new community. We would like to humbly continue our efforts towards that end.

MOA International
President Kohei Nakajima