Introduction to the Dietary Program—Available Seminar

Introduction to the Dietary Program—Available Seminar── If you:
・Enjoy cooking and eating
・Want to obtain ideas to improve your daily food consumption
・Want to learn about traditional foods and the importance of fresh, seasonal food items
The Dietary Program Seminar is a three part series of lectures. Using the textbook, The Energy Diet, the participants confirm the importance of the Japanese diet centered on rice and miso soup. The participants obtain ideas on cooking, as well as improvement of the innate healing ability through healthy food. “Challenge Sheets” are provided to confirm the daily improvement of food consumption and how it may be affecting the health of the mind and body.

Once the seminar ends, the participants will be certified as a MOA Healthy Food Advocate. The seminar allows the participants to enjoy the dietary program and make time to redefine their daily diet and its relation to their mind and body health and that of their families.

If a certified advocate is interested in sharing their knowledge/expertise from the lectures to more people, he/she may take a course to become a MOA Healthy Food Instructor.

Main Curriculum

First seminar
・Writing goals on the “Challenge Sheet” after confirming lifestyle and habits
・Study Textbook: The Energy Diet
・Practice: “Making Soup Stock”
・Homework: “Challenge Sheet” on lifestyle improvement
Second seminar
・Sharing the results of the “Challenge Sheets”
・Study Textbook: The Energy Diet
・Practice: “Cooking Rice”
・Homework: “Challenge Sheet” on lifestyle improvement
Third seminar
・Sharing the results of the “Challenge Sheets”
・Study Textbook: The Energy Diet
・Practice: “Cooking one meal using fresh, seasonal ingredients”

* These practices may differ depending on each seminar and may be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

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