Introducing the MOA Nature Farming Method

Introducing the MOA Nature Farming MethodOver 100 million microorganisms exist in one spoonful of soil. Such microorganisms are activated as they surround the roots of plants within the soil. Their actions may prevent diseases or pests. They may gather and add nutrients to the soil, thus microorganisms are protecting the health of the soil.

The MOA Nature Farming method does not rely on agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. The method respects Nature. In accord with Nature, the basis of the method is to enhance the innate ability of the soil for production. Mokichi Okada advocated it from 1935.

The method also acts as the foundation to support our life and culture by conserving the natural environment in addition to producing food, which is vital to our health. The MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation set forth the “MOA Nature Farming Guidelines” as the handbook for farming. The guidelines and basic cultivation methods are utilized at the kitchen garden level. The MOA Nature Farming method, utilizing the natural cycle, is attracting attention as the model agriculture for conservation of the environment. Numerous producers and groups that practice the MOA Nature Farming method have received various awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Many locations practicing the MOA Nature Farming method allow children to visit and experience harvesting, etc. and offer various opportunities and education for them to come in contact with Nature and soil. A parent with a smile said, “The soil of the Nature Farming Method is safe so I enjoy having my children play here. The soil is so fluffy.”