Introduction of Okada Health and Wellness Program

 The Okada Health and Wellness Program—Purifying Therapy, Healthy Food Program, Arts and Culture Program—applies the power and laws of Nature and enhances the natural healing ability inherent to humans. It is a health method that promotes physical and mental health. Based on capturing the total picture of a human being, MOA International is promoting Integrative Medicine based on a new way of thinking from a wide range of perspectives. We are working to advance the course to the medical treatment that should be, not only in Japan, but working with medical institutes and professionals of various countries worldwide to practice and disseminate the Okada Health and Wellness Program.
 Things in common in Purifying Therapy, Healthy Food Program and Arts and Culture Program are that activities of human beings are based on unity of the invisible spiritual and physical bodies. It is Mokichi Okada’s unique view of human beings, and is based on conforming to and respecting Nature, which is rooted in human nature. One of the attractions of the Program is that anyone can practice it alone or with someone. Purifying Therapy can be practiced while paying attention to the health of others. One can decorate with flowers and/or paintings to enhance beauty. One can prepare healthy meals with love using ingredients that are full of life energy. As you continue even from one program, your mind and body will become healthy.