Our Health and Stories of Food

The Japanese has historically cooked various seasonal vegetables and fresh fish to go along with rice. A traditional diet of various vegetables, fruits, and seafood has positive ingredients like phytochemicals that can prevent cancer or age-related problems. Our traditional diet from our ancestors is the key to maintaining our health. Today, people outside of Japan are also noticing the positive factors of Japanese food.

Mokichi Okada, the Founder of MOA, experienced his recovery from illness through diet. He noticed the functions of food ingredients that can enhance the body function such as digestion, absorption; and, eventually, man’s innate ability to heal. Okada thought that rice and vegetables produced from healthy soil and fresh seafood are full of life force and will enhance the body functions to bring about a healthy mind and body.

Short Story

Hives on both hands rapidly spread all over my body and I had to take time off from my work due to intense itching and swelling of my body. My friend, who is a MOA Healthy Food Instructor, recommended that I follow the MOA diet. I stopped eating snacks between meals. I began to eat more vegetables with less added seasoning. Within a month, the itchiness and swelling of my face and arms disappeared. I was able to return to work in four months. My husband also followed my diet, and his diabetes returned to a normal level.

After returning to work, I began to worry about my coworker who suffers from atopic dermatitis [eczema]. I shared my experience of the Okada Health and Wellness Program with her and she appreciated my effort. I sensed the joy of helping others.
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