Learning “Green Strategy” ─ Nature Farming Method Executive Workshop


Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Having the same desire with the Country by Promoting the Nature Farming Method

The MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation (Yasunori Nara, president) “Executive Workshop” was held on February 19 at the Zuiun Kaikan in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in an attempt to further expand the creation of the Tasty Community Enrichment using the Nature Farming Method. To prevent the spread of the new variant of COVID-19, the meeting was delivered live nationwide to the popularization associations so that executives, representatives of the popularization associations, producers, enthusiasts, MOA Shoji Co., Ltd., etc. could participate.


Last year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries responded to the global warming and fragile production bases as the movement to emphasize the environment, such as SDGs, accelerated and improved the productivity and sustainability of the food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries. Thus, they formulated the “Green Food System Strategy” (hereinafter referred to as “Green Strategy”) that realizes a balance through innovation. By 2050, this Strategy aims to achieve CO2 zero emission in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, 50% reduction in chemical pesticide usage, 30% reduction in chemical fertilizer usage, 25% (one million ha) expansion of work area ratio of organic farming, etc. It also aims to reduce the environmental burden and is aiming for legislation this spring.


At the workshop, Mr. Toyohisa Aoyama, Secretary-General of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Council, expressed expectations for the corporation, which has been leading the promotion of organic farming by working on the Nature Farming method that produce healthy crops without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers for many years. Secretary-General Aoyama gave a keynote speech on how to promote new policies toward the realization of the Green Strategy. He introduced the outline of the Strategy, the contents of support measures such as budget, and technical research that contributes to the reduction of the environmental load. He also introduced measures to promote organic farming with a connection between production, distribution, and consumption, such as encouraging the declaration of organic villages by 100 municipalities by 2043 and 200 municipalities by 2048, and he asked for their cooperation.



Three young producers reported their cases. Kensuke Hirai of “Everyone Farm” (Hokkaido Prefecture Asahikawa Popularization Association, remote participation), is thoroughly committed to safety and security and works on natural farming in line with the environment without using compost. Akinori Mori (Hiroshima Prefecture Fukutomi Popularization Association) of “Aki no Yamazato Farm Hana Afu” is working to contribute to people’s healthy lives through harmonious ecosystem and sustainable agriculture, and is developing efforts to connect local food and agriculture to the future. Masatake Fukumoto (Kagoshima Prefecture Kayoda Popularization Association), has been contributing to school feeding and food education since opening “Fukumoto Farm” after learning at a branch school, Arinomama, a natural farming experience school. After their presentation, a big applause was given for the contents that made the participants learn and feel the bright future of natural farming.





Opinions were exchanged between Secretary General Aoyama and the case presenters. Challenges related to the spread and expansion of organic farming, such as the lack of places and people to consult with when someone may want to start a new organic farm were also discussed. The government advised that the MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation would be the advisor for the country. It was a discussion filled with ideas.



Toshiharu Suga of the Saitama Prefecture Kamisato Popularization Association, who is considered a legend of the Nature Farming method, shared about the past and how there were no practitioners of the Nature Farming method and organic farming around him. Both the agricultural association and government would not support organic farmers at the time. Today, the situation is completely different. Now, the country is beginning to promote the Nature Farming method. He said that there’s “a sense of alienation.” Suga added, “I was very impressed by the presentation of the three young people. Together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we would like to work together to expand the Nature Farming method.”