Medical Director Kiyoshi Suzuki Introduces Mutual-Help


Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture
2nd Symposium on the Promotion of Integrated Medical Care

鈴木療院長がMOA共助モデルを紹介On February 22, 2020, the “2nd Symposium on the Promotion of Integrated Medical Care” was held at the Nasu Community Enrichment Plaza, a facility that utilizes a former school that was closed. Kayoko Kuroda, secretary general of the Ibaraki Nursing Federation and about 100 people, including citizens of the prefecture, participated in the Symposium.
Kiyoshi Suzuki, medical director of the MOA Tokyo Wellness Center, gave a lecture and stated that community support is important for community enrichment and shared the Mutual-Help model that MOA is working on. Then, Takaaki Kaburagi, deputy director of the Tochigi Branch of the Society for Integrative Medicine Japan, introduced the activities of the Nasu Community Enrichment Plaza; and Terumitsu Tateno, representative of the Society for Integrative Medicine, introduced the activities of the Society and the “Mind and Body Health Room” that promotes the Okada Health and Wellness Program at the same location.
Participants’ comments: “I realized that it is important to support each other by making the most of each individual in the neighborhood.” “I was motivated to have a role in the community, and I thought that it would make a positive difference in terms of health.”
There was also an Okada Purifying Therapy and Chanoyu tea ceremony experience corner at the venue.
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