Healing through Flowers

Healing through FlowersThe most popular program in the Arts and Culture Program of the Okada Health and Wellness Program is a “Life of Flowers.” There is an increase in the number of people who take the time to enjoy flowers as a hobby and/or to enhance their wellbeing, like Ikebana [Japanese art of flower arrangement], gardening, and pressed flowers. The flowers growing in Nature are perhaps the most familiar form of art one can enjoy. We recommend that you create a fresh atmosphere by arranging seasonal flowers and/or plants in your living room or at the entrance of your home.

When you carefully observe the color, fragrance and shape of a single flower, you will come to recognize and enjoy its beauty. A beauty from Nature that is vibrant with life force will soothe and heal your heart through your five senses.
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Short Story

My life changed to a bright one since I met a friend who gives me peace of mind through his kind character and gives me ease to share anything with him. I attended his Chanoyu [Japanese traditional tea ceremony] class. I felt so comfortable being there to learn not only how to perform the tea ceremony but to also arrange flowers with the desire for the happiness of others.

Although my problem has not been resolved, I feel so much ease in my heart. I want others to have the same joy that I have by associating with beauty and art. I began to volunteer at the MOA Wellness Center.
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