Paintings of encouragement were sent from an elementary school in Argentina to the victims of the Atami debris flow disaster.


From the Buenos Aires 14th Elementary School in Argentina, which is located on the opposite side of the world from Japan, 10 paintings with heartwarming messages were sent to those affected by the debris flow disaster that occurred in the Izusan District of Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Every year, Buenos Aires 14th Elementary School participates in the MOA Museum of Art Children’s Art Exhibition. The teachers, who learned about this debris flow disaster in the news, were so sad they couldn’t bear it. The fifth grade children, who shared their thoughts, drew a painting and mailed them to the MOA Museum of Art.



When the MOA Museum of Art staff consulted with Atami City to convey the children’s feelings contained in the paintings to the victims, they decided to display the paintings at the evacuation center. On July 30, the paintings were delivered to the Atami City Board of Education Superintendent of Education, who is also the executive committee chairman of the MOA Museum of Art Atami City Children’s Art Exhibition. From July 31, the paintings were displayed at the lounge of the hotel used as an evacuation center.



A video of the paintings delivered is introduced on the website of the MOA Museum of Art. Please view the video.