Photo gallery of Mokichi Okada

  • Okada cutting flowers from the garden

    Photos by Yoshio Watanabe
    Okada trimmed the trees, plants and flowers in the garden daily. Whenever he had a spare time, he would walk through the garden with a flower scissors. (1953)

  • Okada together with his wife, Yoshi

    At the time in Japan, unlike other men, Okada enjoyed strolling through Ginza or anywhere with his wife, Yoshi. They also enjoyed going to movies at the theatres after strolling through Ginza. (Summer 1940s)

  • As the director of the Hakone Museum of Art, Okada selects the artworks to be displayed.

    Okada inspected a display of artworks for the opening of the Hakone Museum of Art (June 13, 1953). For the reception, numerous leaders of culture and art visited the Museum, including Kawabata Yasunari (author), Hirakushi Denchu (sculptor) and Matsuda Gonroku (dyeing artist), as well as ambassadors of overseas countries stationed in Japan.

  • Popular “Asahi Diamond” ornaments

    The Asahi Diamond jewelry was invented and patented by Okada. Super thin, small pieces of mirrors pasted on paper using the reflection of light, the Asahi Diamond shines. Demands overwhelmed the production.

  • Kodemari, azalea

    Okada said, “You need to commune with flowers. You then need to arrange their hearts. The flowers will not be satisfied unless you arrange their hearts. If they are not happy, they will wither faster.”

  • Gaku Hydrangea, Miscanthus sinensis / Flower basket inscription, Tsurumusubi Iizuka Rinsai

    Okada said, “You should not handle flowers too long. You will take away their vitality.” Okada’s arrangements were completed within two to three minutes. In addition, his flowers lasted twice as long so many people were surprised about Okada’s arrangements. Okada decorated the rooms in his house and enjoyed an abundance of beautiful flowers in his life.