Let us be Connected

Let us be ConnectedToday, many people have tremendously increased ways to communicate using the Internet. Though the manner of connecting with others may change, the basic value remains the same.

There is a Japanese proverb “others closer than distant relatives”. In any era, we seek for someone who is at a close distance to share our values and have fun and laugh from time to time as well as sharing problems and issues. Such connections with others are very important to have a life filled with abundance.

The MOA Healthy Life Network practices the Okada Health and Wellness Program and is a volunteer group that supports Community Enrichment through supporting the wellbeing of individuals and families.

Short Story

The mother of my son’s classmate introduced me to the MOA Healthy Life Network. The network consisted of people of various ages from the 30s to 90s. I had just moved into the community but the network members made me feel very comfortable. When I was pregnant, they visited me to administer Purifying Therapy as well as provided me with healthy foods. I was impressed with their warm and kind actions. I would like to be like them.
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