Introductory Seminar / Okada Purifying Therapy Introduction Course

Introductory Seminar / Okada Purifying Therapy Introduction Course ── If you are:
・Searching for simple self-care methods
・Somewhat interested in Natural Healing Power
・Desire the health and well-being of your family
During the Purifying Therapy Introductory Course, you will learn the basic concepts and practice. Once the participant completes the course, he will be able to administer Purifying Therapy to himself and for his family.
From the text, the participant will learn the original theory on mind and body health and illness, as well as the practical aspects of Purifying Therapy. If the participant wants to further his knowledge of the general principles of Purifying Therapy and/or enhance his administration power and/or want to administer to someone beyond himself or his family, the Basic Course is available.


Lecture (30 min)
2.General Principles of Okada Purifying Therapy
  ・The Aspects of Human Beings
  ・The Purification Process
  ・Okada Purifying Therapy
Practice (45 min)
1.Thorough Detection
  ・How to Administer and the Order of Administration
  ・How to Detect Thoroughly and the Order of Detection
2.Administration of Purifying Therapy
  ・Pair up and practice Thorough Detection and Administration to one another
  ・Self-Detection and Self-Administration
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