Stories of Natural Healing Power

Mokichi Okada, Founder of MOA, thought that a human being is a life entity and is a union of the spiritual body and physical body. According to Okada, the cause of illness and various suffering is due to “Spiritual Clouds.”

Based on such views, Okada advocated the practice of Purifying Therapy as a wellness program. It is a method to promote a healthy mind and body by accelerating the purification process with the elimination of toxins by enhancing man’s innate healing ability through the radiation of energy, which exists in the natural world, through the palm of a therapist’s hand.

Anyone who takes the seminar and learns the basic views and practical aspects can practice Purifying Therapy. There are many ongoing research projects to validate its effectiveness scientifically.
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Short Story

When I was informed of my cancer, I felt my life itself was denied and I felt like I lost my will to live. The MOA Healthy Life Network members began to visit me to administer Purifying Therapy every day. I constantly had smooth bowel movement after the administration of Purifying Therapy. I could not believe it but my body felt so good and I began to have ease of mind and the energy to live through the cancer. My surgery was a success. Today, I am taking the Seminar of Okada Purifying Therapy to be like the people who visited me daily.
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*Toxins, Impurities inside the body