Taisyu Kawano, Deputy Director of RESM Shin-Yokohama Sleep and Breathing Medical Care Clinic

Desiring mindfulness will be something to turn to for all the people of the world.

── The absolute self-affirmation people gained through mindfulness is invisible, but it helps people to lead a happy life.
In order to gain the power to live, one needs something to turn to. In Zen, that something is oneself, but in the Jodo Faith, for example, it means that you gain the power to live by making a sincere devotion to Amitābha Buddha, something to rely on may differ in each faith. But mindfulness is accepted across countries, ethnic groups, and faiths, so it will be for people all over the world to turn to. Earlier, I mentioned self-interest and altruism.
I am convinced that if one can be happy first and then make someone nearby happy, the chain will lead to world peace.
In the coming era, I think it is necessary for people with various faiths to work hand in hand to contribute to world peace. I have been participating in the “Meeting for Solidarity of Medical Professionals with Faith” launched by Professor Shinzo Kato of Keio University. It is a place to discuss from each standpoint how medical care should contribute to the happiness and health promotion of people, including spiritual perspectives, beyond the framework of one’s own faith. I would like to continue to convey mindfulness to many people while learning at the Meeting.

── One’s happiness leads to world peace, right? Thank you for today.

Taisyu Kawano
Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1980. After graduating from Keio University School of Medicine in 2005, he engaged in medical treatment as a psychiatrist. After three and a half years of Zen training at the Kenchoji Dojo from 2011, he became the chief priest of the Rinzaishu Kenchoji school Rinkaji in Yokohama City from the end of 2014. In addition to temple affairs, he is engaged in medical treatment that actively incorporates psychotherapy, including the practice of Zen and mindfulness as a psychiatrist and psychosomatic physician at clinics in Tokyo and Yokohama.

This article was published in the magazine “Paradise” No. 76 (Summer 2019).


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