Taisyu Kawano, Deputy Director of RESM Shin-Yokohama Sleep and Breathing Medical Care Clinic

Foster self-compassion by living carefully

── One’s gratitude will increase through enhancement of self-awareness.
Incorporating mindfulness breathing meditation into our daily lives is, in other words, living carefully. If you carefully perform each movement and action, you will be able to accept your existence as it is. Once you obtain self-compassion, it leads to an absolute sense of self-affirmation.
The feeling of “I’m amazing” obtained in comparison with others is self-esteem. Sometimes self-esteem is important, but it can hurt your heart when you come across something you’re not good at, or when you feel inferior to others. However, since self-compassion is a way of valuing oneself, unlike self-esteem, there is no need for materials to show the self-worth of “I am amazing.”

── First of all, it is important to accept ourselves as we are.
Since human beings predict the minds of others from their own experiences, they can only understand the minds of others when they know what their minds are. There is a Buddhist term for self-interest and altruism; but when self-compassion is cultivated, the spirit of altruism also naturally nurtures.
I mentioned earlier that through mindfulness, people will notice various things and increase their compassion and gratitude. At the same time, although it is called wisdom, people will not feel dissatisfied with what they lack, and their degree of happiness naturally go up.