Taisyu Kawano, Deputy Director of RESM Shin-Yokohama Sleep and Breathing Medical Care Clinic

Mindfulness looking at yourself

── What should we specifically do?
Mindfulness is one way to do this. It is a method of preparing one’s mind by the meditation method that originated in Japanese Zen, and has been attracting attention as one of the psychotherapy, mainly in Europe and the United States, for about 15 years.
IT companies in the U.S. are among the first to focus on mindfulness and recommend it to their employees.
Mindfulness is “to pay attention to the feeling you are feeling at this moment and accept it without criticizing or evaluating it in any situation.” To put it more simply, it means changing from a state of thinking to a state of feeling.
The easiest way to mindfulness is to focus on breathing. It’s called breathing meditation, but while you stretch your back and breathe, you pay attention to, for example, feeling the air coming in and out under your nose, and your stomach swelling and deflating. Instead of trying to breathe deeply or exhale for a long time, paying attention to the air coming in and out, that is, changing from thinking to feeling, makes you aware of various things.
Through mindfulness one can notice the subtleties of his own heart, relationships with things and people around him and begins to grow compassion and gratitude toward Nature and everything else.