Physician / Advanced Professional Vegetable Sommelier Megumi Miyata

Eating is also a big role of society

── Since daily diet is the key to people’s health, what kind of food people choose is also important.
Every crop has a suitable season and period to grow. I think the best quality vegetables are those that are slowly and carefully made according to the providence of Nature, rather than forcibly changing them for the convenience of human beings. Research has shown that such vegetables are rich in nutritional and functional ingredients, and above all, they are delicious.
Vegetables that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, such as vegetables grown using the MOA Nature Farming Method, can be eaten whole with the skin with peace of mind, so I think they are very good for nutrition. The best self-care is to cook your own vegetables and eat while paying attention to what ingredients you eat and how much you eat.
Choosing and eating something that is good for people plays a big role in society. In order for a person to eat something, he first needs someone who can produce the food. On the contrary, the primary industry such as agriculture can be established only if there are people who buy and eat it, which in turn leads to the protection of the natural landscape and the environment. If each person can choose and eat something that is good for their health and maintain and improve their health, it will lead to a reduction in medical expenses. We all play a role in society through food, don’t we?
Since the content of production changes according to the needs of consumers, what you choose to eat has a great impact on society. If the number of people who want cheap things increases, it may be better to import them instead of making them in Japan. Then, what will happen to the future of Japan? I am also worried about food safety and nutrition. A lot of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are needed for efficient mass production. I do not deny its use, but if it is used endlessly, it may have some side effects, just like the human body.
If more consumers choose food based on these concepts, the result will be a society where people can get cheaper, safer and tastier foods. What we eat and how we eat every day is directly related to what kind of society we will create. If medicine, food and agriculture work together, I think it will lead to healthy people and society, and at the same time, we will be able to learn a happy lifestyle.

── This is the most demanded thing for society in the future. Thank you very much.

Megumi Miyata
Graduated from Iwate Medical University School of Medicine. Physician, doctor of medicine, specialist of the Japanese Society of Medical Radiology, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine certified physician, Japan Medical Association certified industrial physician, All Japan Nordic Walk Federation certified instructor. Realizing the importance of food through medical treatment in a wide range of fields, from university hospitals to community medicine in depopulated areas. She is currently in charge of internal medicine at the Miyata Orthopedic Clinic in Morioka City and is also engaged in activities related to food and health in various places, making use of her qualification as a Advanced Professional Vegetable Sommelier.

This article was published in the magazine “Paradise” No. 77 (Autumn 2019).