Physician / Advanced Professional Vegetable Sommelier Megumi Miyata

Balance your mind and body while enjoying food

── Do you say that one should consume various kinds of vegetables because one can ingest many kinds of phytochemicals and expect complex and multifaceted effects?
That’s also an important point, but I recommend my patients to consume various kinds of vegetables since it’s easy to understand and makes the most sense without thinking about it. Vegetables have a season, and during the season, they are rich in nutritional and functional ingredients. One will ingest efficiently by enjoying the taste, aroma, and color of seasonal vegetables and eating them throughout the year. “Various” has the meaning of season and variety.
I tell my patients that the primary physician for them is themselves. Only they themselves can realize the details such as what they ate and how their bodies and feelings changed. If they consciously observe it every day, there should be some changes after eating this, such as feeling that their stomach and skin are in good condition, their body is lighter, and they feel that their strength is rising. If they make use of such experiences in their daily health management, it will help prevent illness and improve their health, and they will live happily.
For some people who were suffering from atopic dermatitis, they started eating more vegetables and their symptoms were alleviated. But what has changed the most is the mental aspect.

── Does eating vegetables change people’s mind?
The body and mind are influencing each other. The relationship between the intestinal environment and the psyche has become known, and more psychiatrists are incorporating nutrition therapy into their practice. Rather than looking at each of the symptoms people worry about and thinking about what to do, if people can try to balance both mind and body, the problems and symptoms they had will improve. This area has the same idea as Chinese medicine.