Physician / Advanced Professional Vegetable Sommelier Megumi Miyata

Improvement effect of vegetables comparable to medicine

── If people enjoy eating various vegetables, they will be healthy without knowing it.
Since the mechanism of action of pharmaceuticals is clear, it is easy to explain that this medicine is effective for XX, but it is difficult to explain how the ingredients of vegetables function in the body. However, for example, Kanjime Horenso (special type of spinach) from the Kuji district of Iwate prefecture is a food which can be sold with a Health Claim (label) that it is rich in lutein and helps maintain eye health. It’s easy to explain how such a vegetable works. On the other hand, in the process of eating vegetables, digesting and absorbing, metabolizing and excreting, they perform various functions necessary for life support, but it is difficult for the general public to understand this mechanism. There are many reasons why people should eat vegetables. (Kanjime (lit. cold tightening); it is a production method of exposing vegetables and fruits grown in the greenhouse in winter to the cold before harvesting. The sugar and minerals in the cells are concentrated and the taste increases. Applicable to spinach and strawberries. Kanjime cultivation.)
Human cells are replaced little by little every day. Since our bodies are made and maintained by what we eat. Don’t you think that it’s fun to prepare and change and balance your body with food?
In the long run, I’ve realized that vegetables have a symptom-improving effect comparable to medicine. Although there is no immediate effect, people experience that their physical condition gradually improved, the test values for lifestyle-related diseases improved, and/or some would be able to reduce their medication intake. Moreover, there are no side effects.

── Have you ever realized the power of vegetables?
After working as a radiologist at a university hospital, I was involved in community medicine at a small clinic in Iwate prefecture, and I became ill after giving birth. I was getting thinner and weaker, and my rough skin is terrible … At that time, the only delicious thing I could eat was vegetables. While eating every day like a staple food, after a few months I realized that my physical condition and skin were much better than before. Thus, I realized the power of vegetables.
Since it is a clinic rooted in the community, everyone was acquainted with each other, and it was around the time when I was treating each person while feeling the lifestyle of each person, such as the family situation and living environment. Unlike university hospitals, I was in charge of patients with various symptoms by myself, so I learned that the number of lifestyle-related diseases is increasing even for young people. What I noticed is that they relied on eating out or purchased food items. They rarely cooked. (Meal; Eating food prepared by outsiders, such as side dishes and bento boxes, at home)
There are less nutritional and functional ingredients from ready-made foods and processed foods. So even if people think they are eating meals, they are lacking something. If people get sick because of an unbalanced diet, they will not improve unless they review the root causes. I believe medical care and food must be closer to each other. For that reason, I think that it would be good if the distance between producers and consumers was close and a society where safe and delicious vegetables were easily available.