Get Involved – Qualifying Courses, Seminars and Other Ways to Participate

MOA International and its related organizations jointly set up a range of qualifying courses and seminars or learning opportunities held throughout the year. These take place at local MOA centers and, with approval from local or regional authorities, at public facilities such as town halls and culture centers.

These opportunities are open to everyone. Special arrangements can also be made. For more information and inquiries, please contact your nearest MOA center.

Okada Purifying Therapy Practitioner Qualifying Course

MOA International LLIC has set up an accreditation system for OPT practitioners, and offers qualifying courses to train people in the administration of this therapy. The basic course for a Level-3 certificate is open to allmembers of MOA.

Natural Food Advocate

Those who are interested in the natural food movement and would like to take part in various events organized by MOA groups can register with us as Natural Food Advocates. Those who are registered have exclusive access to a range of useful information, including recipes for many dishes using natural ingredients, on MOA INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.’s website.

Arts and Culture Instructor

The MOA Art and Cultural Foundation administers teaching positions in this field, inviting those who have completed a course in the MOA Ikebana Korinka to participate.

Health Promotion Seminar

These seminars are hosted by MOA International LLIC, in cooperation with Ryoin clinics and other medical institutions. We also invite individual medical doctors who are interested in MOA’s healthcare programs to participate.

Cooking School

This is an opportunity to learn how to put into practice the suggested points of healthy eating in the MOA’s Food and Eating Program. In informal sessions, participants learn various aspects of cooking, from techniques to maximize the flavour and benefits of seasonal ingredients to tips for preparing meals with love and devotion. (Sponsored jointly by MOA International LLIC and MOA Subsidiaries.)

Seminar on Healthy Eating Habits & Participatory Programs in Food Cultivation

With the leadership of government-registered groups for promoting healthy eating habits, MOA organizes a range of events: cooking courses for parents and children; participatory programs for school children in planting and harvesting rice; harvesting sweet potatoes in the field. These events help build direct relationships between producers and consumers.


They also provide an invaluable opportunity to reassure consumers of the safety of these products. For children, they are an ideal way to learn about the great benefits of Nature and develop a sense of gratitude towards others. These events are an introduction to learning good eating habits. (Events are held jointly with the MOA Corporation Group and the MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation – key sectors of MOA that promote the natural food movement.)

MOA Kitchen Garden

A workshop that introduces people to home-grown herbs and vegetables. Instructions and tips are given on how to grow petit-tomatoes, komatsuna, and other culinary greens in soil maintained by MOA Nature Farming methods. Home-grown vegetables taste especially good. Learning about the growing process can also provide good lessons about life, nurturing a sense of gratefulness for the vitality we receive from eating good food. (Hosted jointly with the MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation.)

MOA Ikebana Korinka

More than 10,000 people participate in Korinka in Japan, coming together for a joyful encounter with flowers. Hold a flower stem in your hands, feel its beauty, and treat it with loving care. Its healing nature relieves stresses, anxieties, and helps to heal a traumatised mind. MOA Arts and Culture instructors assist you in appreciating flower arrangements in Korinka as well as in Health Promotion Seminars. (MOA Ikebana Korinka is organized by the The MOA Art and Cultural Foundation.)

Flower Seminars

A quality flower arrangement workshop for people who seek simple ways to bring flowers into daily life. This workshop introduces useful ideas for brightening up everyday life with flowers, with the hope of augmenting mental and physical well-being. A life with flowers is invaluable – it gives people strength so that they may realize a meaningful or purposeful life, lead their lives for the happiness of others, and move towards building “a family filled with beauty.”