Okada Health & Wellness Program

Okada Health & Wellness Program

Medical care in contemporary society is showing signs of uncertainty and anxiety. This is seen, for example, in the ever-increasing cost of medical treatment and the prevalence of chronic illnesses.

With healthcare in such a problematic state, increasing attention is being directed to integrative medicine. The concept of integrative medicine is based on the recognition that medical care centered solely on Western allopathic medicine fundamentally has a limitation, and that effectively incorporating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) into a total care plan is in the best interest of the patient.

The basic premise of integrative medicine is that the purpose of medicine is not simply to alleviate symptoms of illness, but to look at the patient as a whole person, whose illness may be related to various aspects of his/her life, including mental or psychological conditions, lifestyle, and social environment. Integrative medicine aims to provide the medical care that best fits the patient by taking these elements into consideration, and discussing with the patient what is best for them.

It also emphasises the importance of preventive medicine, by enhancing the natural ability to self-heal and by increasing resistance against illness. Thus, it is crucial to have an approach that is wide in its perspective and that provides patients with a means of improving the quality of their life (QOL), including lifestyle management and environmental changes.

The frontline thinkers in this area are now turning their attention to the possibility that this medicine should be based on the fundamental nature of human beings – spirituality and soul.

Mokichi Okada, from his keen observations of the natural world, came to the conclusion that the world consists of two realms – the tangible or phenomenal realm, on the one hand, and the intangible realm, on the other – and that these two realms, each closely influencing the other, generate the energy that gives vital power to all beings in the world. This energy permeates the natural world (what we might call the “universe”) and hence Okada called it “natural power.” Human beings, according to Okada, also exist in these two realms – the physical and the spiritual.

From this perspective, Okada firmly understood that illness is a phenomenon in accord with the natural order, a phenomenon that enables the natural world to maintain optimum balance and order. In a human being, it is the phenomenon that leads to a sound and healthy being, both in the body and mind. He called illness a “purification process,” referring back to this idea.

The Okada Health and Wellness Program has been developed based on Okada’s ideas about the world, the human being, illness and health.

MOA International supports the development of integrative medicine, an approach that recognises the human being in its entire nature, and promotes medical care that is truly beneficial to the patients. It offers the Okada Health and Wellness Program, the components of which are considered to be in the category of CAM, and is undertaking the promotion and propagation of a new healthcare concept and practice, in collaboration with many likeminded medical specialists. The Okada Health and Wellness Program incorporates three types of “therapies” – Okada Purifying Therapy, nutrition counselling, and art therapy. MOA’s Health Promotion Seminars are offered at MOA centers across Japan, with the help of OPT practitioners, MOA Arts and Culture instructors, as well as MOA Natural Food advocates.