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Users of this website (hereinafter “the Website”) operated by Yugen Sekinin Chukan Hojin (Limited Liability Intermediary Corporation) MOA International (hereinafter “the Corporation”) are considered to have agreed to the following Terms of Use (ToU).

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1. Indemnity
The Corporation shall not be responsible regarding the contents of the Website for the following:
(1) that all information placed is correct, safe and/or useful;
(2) that all information placed is adaptable to and/or utilizable for specific purposes;
(3) that all information placed is always up-to-date;
(4) that contents of the Website is free from computer viruses and/or any other harmful or hazardous elements;
(5) any damage caused to you by changes, modifications, or deletion of the ToU and/or contents of the Website, as well as by termination, discontinuation or suspension of the publication;
(6) anything on the websites you access through the links provided on the Website.

2. Copyright
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3. Prohibitions
In using the Website, you shall be prohibited;
(1) to violate or potentially violate the properties and/or privacy of the Corporation and/or third parties;
(2) to cause or potentially cause damages of any kind to the Corporation and/or third parties;
(3) to breach or potentially breach laws; or
(4) to deviate or potentially deviate the public order and conventional morals.

4. Links
Any contents of third parties’ websites accessed through the weblinks provided on the Website, or of those which provide a web link to the Website, are under responsibilities of owners of those websites, and the Corporation is not liable for any matters related to them.
(1) If you would like to provide a web link to the Website, you must notify the administrator of the Website at the contact specified below (*).
(2) As a rule, the weblink shall direct to the top page of the Website (http://www.moainternational.or.jp/).
(3) If you provide a weblink to the Website, you shall use the registered title of the Corporation, either “Limited Liability Intermediary Corporation MOA International” or “MOA International LLIC”

5. Lex Causae
(1) The validity, interpretation and application of the ToU shall conform to, and governed by the laws of Japan.
(2) Any disputes regarding the ToU and/or the Website shall be dealt with under the jurisdiction of Shizuoka District Court.

* In principle, the Corporation shall not respond individually to the inquiries regarding the weblink. Instead, the inquiries will be considered, and the relevant information thereof will be included in FAQs of the Website. (moa-info@moainternational.or.jp)