Privacy Policy of MOA International LLIC

Privacy Policy of MOA International LLIC The Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting personal information of Members of the Corporation (hereafter “the Members”) against abuse or misuse, and handles such information pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

1. Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
The Corporation shall collect Personal Data of the Members in order to provide them with services the Corporation offers, and use the collected information for this purpose. The collected information shall not be disclosed to third parties unless properly justified. The exception of this Clause applies to the joint users specified in the Clause 4, related organizations specified in Clause 5, and the agencies entrusted parts of the Corporation’ s operations, specified in Clause 6.

2.Management of Personal Information
The Corporation shall maintain the Personal Data of the Members, with an appropriate security measures in place, to prevent loss, damage, falsification, or leak of such information and unauthorized access to it.

3. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations to Personal Data
The Corporation shall comply with laws and regulations relative to the protection of private information, including Personal Data Protection Law when handling the Personal Data of the Members.

4. Joint Use of Personal Information
The Corporation shall share the collected Personal Information of the Members with designated joint users in such a way as follows:
(1) items of Personal Data which shall be used jointly are names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other items necessary for the purpose specified in next Section (3);
(2) joint users include:
# MOA Museum of Art,
# MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation, and
# MOA Health Science Foundation.
(3) the items of Personal Data of the Members are shared with the purpose of facilitating events, seminars, and a range of services provided by the joint users, that promote a healthier, richer, and happier life for individuals and families;
(4) the Corporation is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Personal Data of the Members.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Corporation may disclose the Personal Information of the Members to MOA International Support Center by means of electronic-data delivery when it is judged necessary to do so for the purpose of joint use stated above. The individual Members may request against the disclosure of such information to the third parties, in which case the provision will be withdrawn immediately. The request may be made to the contact provided below in Clause 9.

6. Entrustment of Personal Information
The Corporation may outsource handling of the Personal Data in providing the Members with the services. When the handling is outsourced, an appropriate measures will be taken against leakage of information, such as by agreeing legally-binding contracts to secure proper handling of the Data, and ensuring the correct implementation of such contracts or other measures.

7. Disclosure, Correction and Withdrawal of Personal Data
The Members may request reference, correction, or withdrawal of their own Personal Data. The Corporation shall respect such requests and make its best effort to meet the request within reason.

8. Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Data Protection
The Corporation shall appoint a director in charge of protecting the Personal Data. The director is responsible for educating the staff members of the Corporation involved in handling the Personal Data with appropriate knowledge and skills, ensuring proper handling to be in practice, and reviewing the Corporation’ s Privacy Policy if necessary.

9. Contact Information
Inquires concerning issues and statements included in this Privacy Policy can be made by e-mails addressed to