An Invitation to MOA Schools

Our Motivation for Creating the Schools

In the last 10 years, absenteeism among school children has doubled, exceeding 120,000 pupils across Japan.
We understand the tremendous burden and distress experienced by the parents, not to mention the children themselves.
These struggles are becoming wide-spread as reflected in the problems of social withdrawal (J. hikikomori) and NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

At MOA International, we regard these problems as our own, and have responded by founding MOA Schools ・facilities that provide support and programs for those who struggle with issues related to socialization and their families. We hope to give participants the opportunities and resources necessary to regain sound social lives through healing of the body and mind. Our ultimate goal is to assist them and their parents and siblings in finding their way towards being a healthy, accommodating, happy family.

We Value Individual Determination ・The Flexible Program Style

There is no set curriculum imposed on the children. The program offers a number of modules, but it is up to the participant which, and how many modules he/she wants to participate in. We respect individual differences and each person’s ability to make decisions for themselves. Our role is to assist and support their development which happens according to its own schedule.

The Modules

(1) Walks in Nature &“Nature Games”

In the nature-rich precincts of Zuisenkyo, participants are invited to go on joyful walks and discover various features of trees, plants, birds and animals.
Immersed in the abundance of the natural world, we experience viscerally the great benefit we derive from Nature, and learn the ways things operate in that world.

(2) Nature and Food – a Cooking Workshop
The ultimate eating experience! This module offers participants the opportunity to experience harvesting vegetables grown using MOA Nature Farming Methods and to prepare and cook the harvest themselves before they enjoy eating it.
Through the entire process, we hope that the participants will find pleasure and enjoyment of food and cooking, as well as developing sensitivity and gratitude towards others.

(3) Okada Purifying Therapy
The therapy enhances the natural powers of self-healing within each individual, helping them to resolve various pains and suffering.
This module is conducted by MOA-qualified OPT practitioners.

(4) Gardening
In this module, participants enjoy various gardening activities, including the preparation of compost and soil, and the planting of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. For those whose daily life separates them from the natural environment, there are bound to be new realizations and discoveries. We encourage participants to take the plants they planted in a pot back home with them, and continue to enjoy them with their families.
(5) Ikebana & Chanoyu
Our instructors introduce simple and enjoyable ideas for flower arranging ・e.g. creating your own vase using recycled materials – and assist students in learning how to enjoy arranging the flowers in a pleasing way.
s Chanoyu ・the Japanese traditional art of tea ceremony ・and other cultural activities provide participants with opportunities to develop sound aesthetic sensibilities.
(6) Other Modules and Opportunities
・Fine Arts
・E-tegami Workshop (making hand-crafted letter paper)
・Charitable Activities
・Films &Music
・Close Encounters with Animals
・Various Sports, Games, and more…

※(Some of these modules are seasonal. The contents may vary according to the time of the year.)


From primary school students (6-7 years old) up to 34 years old.
1.Try-Out Course (1day/Sleepover)
2.Foundation Course (2 days or 3 days)
3.Development Course (5 days)
◆Program Modules
1.Walks in Nature
2.“Nature Games”
4.Ikebana & Chanoyu
5.Okada Purifying Therapy
6.Sports, etc.
◆Application Process
STEP One────────────────
Select the School of your choice from the list below and contact by phone.
Ohito  School  0557─84─2030
Okinawa School  098─887─1490
Matsuto School   076─276─4636

STEP Two────────────────
We will send you a preliminary questionnaire. Fill it out and return to the school by FAX;
Ohito 0557─84─2481
Okinawa 098─887─1490
Matsuto 076─276─7465

STEP Three ────────────────
We will call you to discuss the arrangements for the course.

Then you will join us at one of our MOA Schools!


Ohito [Zuisenkyo]
Ukihashi 1601-1, Izuno-kuni-shi,
Shizuoka-ken 410-2311, JAPAN

○ Vegetable lots in Nature Farming
○ Floral gardens and greeneries
○ Animal Farm with rabbits, cows, an ostrich, goats etc.
○ Walking trails with a foot-spa point
○ Education Centre incl. accommodation facilities, AV lab, library, and canteen
○ Sports facilities incl. gymnasium hall, swimming pool, tennis courts
Okinawa [Zuisenkyo]
Taiho 326-245, Oogimi-son, Kunigami-gun
Okinawa-ken 905-1315,JAPAN
○ Vegetable lots in Nature Farming
○ Floral gardens
○ Walking trails
○ AV lab,canteen,and tea ceremony room

Matsuto [Zuisenkyo]
Tokumitsu-machi 3839-2, Hakusan-shi
Ishikawa-ken 924-0071,JAPAN
○ Vegetable lots in Nature Farming
○ Floral gardens
○ Walking trails with a foot-spa point
○ Coategg house,tea ceremony room

※A special arrangement for venues other than the above three may be considered — please ask for more information.


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