Photo gallery – The Celebration of Health and Harvest at Ohito Zuisenkyo


The Celebration of Health and Harvest

This year’s autumn festival at Ohito Zuisenkyo was held on November 1 and 2, as “The Celebration of Health and Harvest 2008”.


We were very fortunate with the weather. With the gentle autumnal sun and breeze, visitors enjoyed themselves, various activities and exhibitions, as well as the Zuisenkyo’s natural surroundings. Over 8,000 people visited Ohito Zuisenkyo during these two days.


We introduced a new project this year- The Healthy Living Network Showcase zone. Our MOA members and their local networks gathered to show their everyday activities and contributions to wider society on panel boards and presentations. At the venue set up in the Ohito Conference and Training Center, all kinds of people could learn other networks’ activities and take hints for their own local networks, as well as enjoy delicacies catered by the participating networks.
Our regular “Hands-on Farming Zone” and “Health Promotion Zone” provided the visitors with opportunities to be acquainted with the Nature’s best as well as MOA’s health-promotion programs at the Ohito Farm and Oku-Atami Ryoin respectively.


We decided to provide coach services between the zones, creating a smooth transportation to enable the visitors enjoy each zone with ease.


Please enjoy the photos from these two days below.
Photos with * along its caption can be clickable to view enlarged pictures.


“Hands-on Farming Zone”


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“Health Promotion Zone”


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“The Healthy Living Showcase Zone”


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-Participants’ panel boards and representations-


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